The Best Time to Follow up with your Prospects

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When is the best time to follow up with your prospects?

Do you give them 24 hours to sit on the information and allow it to sink in?
Should you wait a few days and let them really dig into it?
Is it a good idea to wait a week before calling them back so you don't seem like you're needy?

I get asked these types of questions ALL the time by people in network marketing.  And…it's a fair question for anyone who has never been in either traditional sales or network marketing.

The best time to follow up is NOW.  You want to get back to the person as soon as possible.  In fact, the best time to follow up with your prospect is the second, the moment they got done reviewing whatever information it was that you sent them.

There is no waiting period.  There is no 24-hour or 48-hour rule.  There's not a 3-day wait and see rule.  You have to be getting back to your people as soon as you possibly can…the moment they have reviewed your information.

The best time to follow up is when the information they have just read, watched or listen to is the freshest in their mind.

When is it the freshest in their mind?  The second they got off the call, the moment the video ended, the very minute they finished reading whatever they were reading.

You will enroll more people, both customers and distributors when you get on top of your follow up game and embrace the fact that the best time to follow up is quickly…right after they reviewed whatever info or additional info you were directing them to.

Do this…and you will close more business.

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