The Power of NLP in Network Marketing

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Wow! That's pretty much all I can say after this past week of incredibly intense training on getting certified as an NLP Practitioner.

In this post, I am certainly going to say more than just wow, but I have to tell you how incredibly excited, overwhelmed, thrilled, passionate, and many other adjectives from what I have just experienced this past week.

I have been teaching many of you (if you are listening in on any of my training) about certain aspects of NLP to help you gain more power and leverage in your business building efforts. You've heard me talk about the word RAPPORT on I'm sure way more than one occasion and the importance of it.

A quote directly from famed Hypnotherapy expert Milton Erickson: “In the presence of rapport, anything is possible.”

When you begin to understand how truly powerful this stuff is, you will be as excited as I am, if not more.

Some of you are not familiar with NLP, so let me give you a bit of information on it.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a set of specific techniques that one can utilize to align conscious with unconscious mind and body. NLP provides a number of tools that are very useful in helping people take charge and control of every aspect of their lives.

NLP's roots began in the early 1970's by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They attribute much of their discovery to Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson and Franz Perls. If you are not familiar with these names, you ought to be! If you are serious about understanding human potential and want to reach YOUR full potential, this stuff is beyond amazing!

A couple of incredible books to begin your education on NLP are:

Frogs into Princes: This is a transcription of a number of seminars conducted by Bandler and Grinder and was first published in 1979. You may have to look around a bit for this book.

Also, two other early books on NLP you want to pick up are:

The Structure of Magic I and II: Both of these books also offer some deeper insight into the beginnings of NLP.

Many of the top speakers in the world today in the who are focused on helping people initiate positive change in their lives have an understanding of the fundamentals of NLP.

In fact, you are no doubt familiar with the name Anthony Robbins. Anthony studied NLP extensively prior to becoming one of the world's leading and probably most well-known personal development speakers.

I'm in Phoenix visiting my wife and kids for the weekend, then back to LA for two more weeks of intense training.

I will keep you informed!

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