The Secret to Duplication in Network Marketing

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Is Duplication in Network Marketing Real?

Someone asked me that recently.  Is it a dream?  Is there really such a thing as duplication in network marketing?  And…if so, how do I get it!??

It's the Holy Grail of Network Marketing!  Creating a situation where people come in, take action, get results, and perpetuate that process ad infinitum.  It's what everyone looks for, isn't it?

When you have true duplication in network marketing, you have true residual income.  Duplication in network marketing creates reliability  It sets up a sustainable (lasting) situation for you.

How do you create duplication in network marketing?

  • Is it the product?
  • Does the company do it?
  • Does the comp plan create it?
  • Is it the leadership in the field that makes it happen?
  • Does it only happen if the company is “ground floor” and you're lucky enough to get in early?

Nope.  None of those.

Duplication roots out of simplicity.  True duplication in network marketing only happens when you have a “plug and play” situation for people.

As I say in the video, courtesy of Tony Robbins, “Complexity is the enemy of execution.”

If it's hard, they wont' do it.
If it's confusing, your results will suffer.
If it's not easily understood, many people won't act.

Look at your current situation.

Do you have a system or process to follow that TRULY can create

Or…let me ask you this.

Do you ever have people who come to you and don't know what to do?
Have you ever had someone keep coming to you with questions and not totally sure?
Do you deal with constant phone calls from team members with even the simplest, mundane of questions?

If people approach you with those types of questions, then there's a very good chance that what you have in place for your people, for your distributors, isn't exactly a situation that's creating duplication in network marketing for your team.

Time to reflect.
Look at where you are.
Simplify things.
Make sure you are clear…and everyone else is as well.

Make sure you watch the video and ask yourself some of the questions I talk about…and begin working yourself to a situation where you have the opportunity of creating true duplication in network marketing once and for all.

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