The Simple 4-Step System Used By the #1 Network Marketer in the World

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So…I sent out a video yesterday talking about ONE of the things I learned in my four hour meeting with Holton Buggs this past week.

I had an opportunity to dig in with him and ask specifically how he did what he did to become so successful in his company.  Apparently, the fact that I “mentioned” that he had his people following a simple 4-step system and then I didn't actually TELL YOU what that system was in my previous video got a few people upset, but mostly people very EAGER to know what that system entailed.

So…here it is.  Now, please understand.  This is their system with their specific product they market, which happens to be something that a lot of people already consume in their lives.  Coffee.  So…you might have to make some modifications to it to fit your company.  I thought about removing any references to specifically what their product was, but here's the thing.  If you were to Google Holton Buggs, you'd pretty quickly find out that they market coffee.  So…I'm going to share their 4-step system with you exactly as they teach it, including the specific verbiage they use to market coffee.  You'll have to extrapolate that information or make script adjustments to fit your product if that is something you want to try and copy.  It makes it a whole lot easier for me to share it as they teach it rather than remove the product and insert something else.  I'll let you do that if you want to.

Step #1:  Be a Product of the Product

– Submit your testimonial within 48 hours.
– Create your personal story.
– Get on Auto-Ship.
– Purchase two boxes of product from your sponsor.

Essentially, what they are having people do here when they start is begin using the product themselves and creating their own personal product story, as well as making sure that the new individual is set up for success by being on a monthly auto-ship of their product.  The reason they have the new person purchase a couple boxes from their sponsor is so they have product in their hands immediately and can begin sampling it the very first day, since their order likely won't arrive for a few days.  They focus very heavily on getting people to sample/try their products as a means of introducing them to their product and their opportunity.

Step #2:  Build a List of Contacts

– 50 coffee drinkers.  (people who may already use or consume what you are selling)
– 50 potential business builders.
– Learn the 4 questions from the script. (you'll see that below)

The purpose here is to get a list of people who are potential product users and a list of people who are potential business builders.  This particular company (most should be) is very, very product driven.  And…they then get their new people to learn what the script for approaching people is so that they can begin immediately taking action that very first day.

Step #3:  Book 4 In-Homes or Conference Calls to Launch your Business

Here of course, they are focusing on getting the new person into immediate action on building their business.  They do a great job of speeding people through their system to get them into action now…today, this moment, rather than in a week from now when their product arrives.

Step #4:  Plug into the Proven Success System

– Make an 18 month commitment.
– Plug into Weekly Meetings, In-Homes, Presentations.  Be involved.
– Plug into Business Training.
– Plug into Leadership training.

In step 4, you can see that they immediately get people to make a long-term commitment rather than “giving it a shot” for a little bit.  They literally ask the person to make a specific time commitment.  In this case, 18 months.  They also get their new people to understand and commit to plugging into the action/activity as well as ongoing training and education on business building and leadership.  From what I can tell in my meeting with Holton, he is VERY, VERY leadership driven.  They focus insanely on developing leaders, not just “talking” about leadership development.

Their 4 Question Script

Here is exactly what they do in their script, word for word.  Again…depending on the type of product you market, you'll have to make adjustments to the script to make it work for you if you want to use any of this information.  By the way, texted Holton personally before putting this information out on my blog to make sure he was cool with it.  His reply was simple:  “Of course.”

  1. Do you or anyone you know drink coffee at least occasionally?
  2. How do you drink your coffee? (black or with cream and sugar)
  3. What's your favorite brand? (Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Dunkin' Donuts, etc)
  4. When was the last time (Starbucks, Tim Hortons)  sent you a check for drinking or referring their coffee?  PAUSE

They then show them a sample/sachet of their coffee and say, “this is the coffee that pays you.”  

Before handing them the sample, they say  “I'd like to give you a sample and I would like to follow up with you after you drink the coffee to get two pieces of information from you.  How did you like the taste?  How did it make you feel?”

They hand them the sachet/sample and schedule a follow up: “What is the best time to call you to so you can tell me how you liked it?” 

They also have a RETAIL ONLY script that I'm going to give you below.  Again…I'm providing this information to you because of the massive number of people who were curious to know what their 4-step system consisted of.  If you can copy/use this in any way in your business, then do it.  By the way, the teach almost nothing else.  Literally.  I mean they are completely, 100% focused on teaching and engraining this 4-step system with all of their people.  They don't have people reinventing the wheel and creating their own systems.  The entire company follows this system.

Their Retail Script

“Hey Joe.”  Then, a little small talk.
“I need your help Joe.”
“I've just started my own coffee business and we launched it with three flavors of coffee:  black, latte and mocha. I would like to have you as one of my first preferred customers by buying a box or two from me ONE TIME.”
“If you like the coffee I can show you how to get it wholesale.  If you don't like it, I will never ask for you to buy from me again.”
“Would you like one box or two?”

Look at the psychology behind their script.  You could very easily adapt this to whatever product you market to start getting customers on board.  Customers lead to distributors.  This is a very easy way to get someone to support your business and try your product.  If you were to start a restaurant or any other business, you FOR SURE would invite people you know to come and pay your restaurant a visit.  This is NO different.  All you are doing is sharing with someone what you are doing, that you've started a new business, and that you'd like for them to try you out.  Friends will try you out if you ask them.  Some will continue to buy from you.  Some won't.  Some will join you in your business.  Some won't.  Simple.

That's their system.  Exactly.  Hope this helps.

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