The Stigma of MLM and What You Can Do About it

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • The Stigma of MLM and What You Can Do About it
  • How We Can Correct This, and Change it for the Better
  • What Being a Professional Network Marketer Means

The Stigma of MLM and What you Can Do About it

It TOTALLY bothers me, that there's a ‘word' used for the network marketing industry, that's NOT good. As a matter of fact, this word GROSSES ME OUT.

Here's the thing…

I speak all around the world, and on stage I always ask this ONE question. Now, when I ask this question we're talking about mindset in network marketing.

Ok, ready for the question? Here's what I ask the audience…

“MLM has a ‘_________' attached to it?”

Now, in all the countries I've spoken in (it's up to 15 now), they ALL say the same WORD. The word is ‘STIGMA'!

“MLM has a ‘STIGMA' attached to it.”

Now, as for the cause of this stigma, there's a LOT of factors that go into this. In this weeks training video, I break these down, so make sure you watch this.

For now, I want to talk about…

How We Can Correct This, and Change it for the Better!s

It all starts with US.

Every time you present your products, services or opportunity… you become a the face of network marketing for that person.

Question for you…

“What are you perpetuating in the market about MLM?”

Are you promoting fun, exciting and positive vibes? Or are you coming off as someone who's negative if the person doesn't want to get involved with your business?

This is question we all should think about, because WE HAVE THE POWER to get this word ‘stigma' OUT of MLM.

We can change this by becoming more aware of how we represent this industry. Educating ourself on all the aspects of this industry… and understanding how to become a true professional.

What Being a Professional Network Marketer Means

When I talk about being a professional in network marketing, I'm talking about…

Not being negative to people who are not interested in what you're offering.

Not being shady or misleading with people.

Being upfront and honest with people about what you're doing.

Being proud of network marketing and making NO apologies to anyone for it.

What MOST people in this industry don't realize, is that this business is like all other businesses… in the sense that…

1) You have to attract people

2) You have to get them involved

3) You have to help them

This process is NOT for network marketing only… it's for all businesses. Being a professional in network marketing means understanding this, and then practicing it.

Then training your team to become professionals, so they understand this. Pretty soon, most of this industry will be professionals making it happen.

This is how YOU create change!

In this episode #31, It's all about how to… “The Stigma of MLM and What you Can Do About itListen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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