The Unbreakable Link: Accountability and Success in Network Marketing

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In this episode, “The Unbreakable Link: Accountability and Success in Network Marketing” we discuss how accountability and success are tightly connected.

One key component that often goes unnoticed or ignored in network marketing is accountability. While success and strategy frequently take center stage, it's accountability that ensures you're always moving toward your goals.

Here’s the thing. There’s no one that is going to MAKE you take action. No boss, teacher, parent…heck, not even you’re upline is going to make you do it. YOU need to be the one moving and in motion toward something, n

The Foundation of Every Top Performer

Talk to any top performer in our profession, and you’ll find a common thread: a person, system, or tool that holds them accountable. When I began my journey three decades ago, one of my early mentors instilled the basic idea that he worded this way.

“In order to go up, you need to show up…and when you show up, you need to bring the best of you to the table.” 

I took that to heart and began to understand the significance of accountability.  If it was to be…it was up to me.

Why Accountability Matters

Clarity in Vision: Accountability means regularly revisiting and refining our goals. It ensures our vision doesn't get cloudy amidst the everyday hustle.

Driving Consistency: It's not what we do occasionally that shapes our success; it's what we do consistently. Accountability keeps us in consistent action.

Mitigating Procrastination: With someone or something holding us accountable, the allure of “I'll do it tomorrow” weakens.

The Missing Link for Many

Many budding network marketers come into this field armed with enthusiasm and dreams. They’re fired up and ready to take the world by storm. I can’t tell you how many amazing people I’ve seen come into this profession, only to be gone within a matter of month…or even weeks, and sometimes days. It’s sad.

They’re in the business, see the potential and get excited by it, but one very important thing lacks…a structured system of accountability. Without it, enthusiasm wanes and dreams become distant. And this is why, even with immense potential, many fizzle out before their time.

Accountability in Action – A Personal Anecdote

Accountability is important everywhere…in and out of business. I remember the first time I hired a personal fitness trainer. It scared the crap out of me to hire this guy Lee. He was 52, ripped and walking around with 8% body fat. I wanted what he had. The dude was the epitome of health and fitness!

Let me tell you something, when you need to tell your trainer exactly what you eat, provide a weekly food journal of everything you shove in your mouth…and hand it in, you change your ways. And, when some burly man is standing over you telling you have two more reps to go when you’d normally quit, you push.

Accountability works and you need to SEEK IT OUT.  Accountability is NOT naturally built into our business. Self-employment means that you yourself must be the one to take responsibility and to be the one who seeks out accountability when it’s not part of the equation.

Structured Accountability in your Business

Recognizing the pivotal role of accountability in my own network marketing success is how I crafted the A-Team program. It's not just a course; it's a commitment…a commitment to your dreams, your goals, and your future. It provides the following essentials to leveling up:

Structured Guidance: Regular check-ins, feedback sessions and progress tracking to ensure you're always on the path to success.

Community Support: Being surrounded by like-minded individuals means collective growth, shared experiences and mutual accountability.

Tools and Resources: Gain access to curated tools and resources that make the process of being accountable smoother and more effective.

Access to an Experienced Coach:  You get my 35+ years of experience to bounce ideas off of and get clarification when you need it.

I’ve been running 90-day Accountability Programs consistently since 2008. The reason I continue to do them, now over 15 years, is because it’s needed and it works.

Our next A-Team is open for registrations right now. Step up your game, improve your skills, increase your confidence and learn what real accountability means as an entrepreneur.  Your future self will thank you for it. Details are here:

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