The Way to Go Full Time in Network Marketing

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If you want to go full time in network marketing, you have to treat your business the way a full-time network marketer would.  In other words…you can't treat it as a part-time or spare-time hobby if your objective is to become a full time network marketing professional.

Here's the phrase to live by:  Part Time, but Fully-Engaged.

So.. regardless of whether you are a network marketer and working only a few hours a week, you're ENGAGED enough to know what's up.

You know all the things that a full timer would know, but you're part time.

You know your call schedule. 
You understand your comp plan. 
You know your products.
You're in the know about your company and the founders.
You know when your big event is happening…and you're registered for it!

You know everything that you would know IF you were full-time. 

There's no excuse for being moderately engaged in the program if your objective is to eventually become a full time network marketing professional.

Think about it this way.

It's really that simple!  Anyone who is serious about becoming full time in network marketing is smart enough to treat the business seriously.  There's no room for laziness, not knowing or making excuses.

My point is very simple.

Even if you are a part-time network marketer, it is crucial that you are full-engaged AS IF you were already a full time network marketer.  Guess what???  When you treat it that way…you'll eventually find yourself in that position.  It's easy to do!

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