This Makes your Network Marketing Reps Stick

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Distributor Retention vs. Distributor Attrition:

This Makes your Network Marketing Reps Stick…period.

I remember hearing this weird phrase early on in my network marketing career, “Don't loan money, don't loan products, and never loan your spouse.”

Yea…that was the phrase.  And…it took me a while to get the gist of it when it comes to sustained success in network marketing.

What if.

What if you had a million dollars at risk?  Think.

There are things we do that inspire people and make them want to move…and others that completely stagnate our people and put them on their heels.  Obviously, as network marketing professionals, we want to do things that inspire confidence in others, and assist them in becoming successful.

No matter how tempted you are to loan product, loan money…or pay someone's way into your business, it is not a good idea.  Nor is it a good idea to lend out training material…as it degrades the value to the user.

If you have “skin in the game” as they say, you have something to lose.  When you have nothing personally invested into something, you literally have nothing to lose.

Imagine if you put a million dollars of your own money on the line to start a business.  Would you be an absentee manager?  Would you pull a no-show?  I doubt it.  In fact…you would very likely do everything in your power to make 100% sure that that business succeeded, not matter how long it took, or how much effort you had to put in.  You'd literally work day and night to make it profitable.  Why?

Your one million dollars is at stake.

When you pay for your new rep to sign up, how much do they have in the game?  ZERO.  What are they going to do?  ZERO.

This particular network marketing training tip has everything to do with how you ENROLL or START someone in your business.  Never once that I can personally recall, have I seen this work positively.

Don't pay their way.
Everyone needs to have “skin” in the game.
Don't “loan” training materials.

Don't give stuff for the sake of giving because you think you are doing them a favor.

Instead, you are actually stunting their growth and ruining their capacity to grow.

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