Three Easy Steps to Delivering a Better Facebook Live

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If you're doing any live presentations…whether it be for your national conference where you've been invited to deliver a 20-minute keynote or an every day Facebook Live, it's important to go in prepared!

I did a Facebook Live the other day talking about how to deliver more effective presentations in person…and to get rid of the nerves or the fear before you get up and speak.  I figured I'd do an abbreviated version of that video and give you the points I talked about, just in case you missed the Facebook Live

Three Easy Steps to Delivering a Better Facebook Live

#1:  Decide What You're Going to Say and ‘Chunk' it Out.

Don't ever stand on a platform or “virtual” platform like Facebook Live without a plan.  I would NEVER get on a stage without a plan and knowing exactly what I'm going to be delivering to that audience.

One simple thing to do before you flip on the camera or step up on that stage is plan out what you're going to say.  It doesn't have to be (and shouldn't be) word for word and scripted out.  Bullet points are fine.

The key to reducing your presentation anxiety is in “chunking”.  Take a 20-minute presentation for example.  It's not one BIG 20-minutes that you need to focus on and intimidate you.  It's 4 tiny little 5-minute chunks.

Chunk 1:  5-Minute Opening
Chunk 2:  5- minutes Point #1
Chunk 3:  5-minutes Point #2
Chunk 4:  5-minute Close

You just took that big scary 20-minute presentation and divided into easy to swallow bite-sized chunks of content.  When you start doing this for your live stage presentations or when you simply want to deliver a better Facebook Live…it will make all the difference in the world.

#2:  Use Notes or a Tele-Prompter to Keep you on Point.

When it comes to the content, there's nothing wrong with having notes.  Again…bullet points or triggers, not a completely written out presentation.  You need to KNOW what you are talking about, not be so lacking in knowledge about the subject that it requires you to read every single point.  I wouldn't dare get on stage and talk about Quantum Physics, because I know nothing about it.  But…I could very easily stand on any stage and talk about prospecting, recruiting, leadership, team building or social media without a care or worry in the world.

Delivering effective presentations DOES require you knowing what you're talking about.  And…even professionals use visual aids in helping them stay on track.

For a better Facebook Live, I'd recommend using some kind of home-made tele-prompter or notes that are hidden right behind the lens of your camera.  I made one out of a cardboard box that I can fit right behind my camera when I need to have a few notes to keep me on track.

#3:  Think Composition.  Lights, Framing Sound.


That phrase you hear in the movies is applicable to YOU in a Facebook Live.  Having good quality lighting is crucial to a good looking video.  Darkness and shadows are your enemy…and so is too much light.  Check out your lighting situation BEFORE you start a Facebook Live.

For better sound, I'd suggest using a lavalier or lapel microphone for your phone.  I have a Rode and a Sennheiser Lavalier microphone that I use on my iPhone for shooting better Facebook Live trainings.  When you use a microphone instead of the one that's on your phone, it puts out better sound.  Quality is important.

Think about your framing and composition.  What's in the background.  Maybe you can even create or design an area in your house that specifically for shooting videos.  You literally have it STAGED.  It IS your recording stage.  You'll notice that pretty much ALL of my videos are specifically staged with what's behind me…even if it is an outdoor short.

And…make sure you watch the video above in this post so you clearly understand what I mean when talking about the Rule of Thirds and how it applies to you and your shot.


You don't need years of study to put out decent video.  If you're going to shoot video and do better Facebook Live presentations, it's worth thinking about these things ahead of time so you're putting your best foot forward.

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