Top Objections in Network Marketing

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Objections in Network Marketing:  “I just Don't Have the Time!”

I want to give you a different way of looking at objections in network marketing.  In fact, you can look at objections or resistance in pretty much every aspect of life in the way I'm going to be sharing with you.

Most people see objections in network marketing as:

  • Scary
  • A Challenge. 
  • Rejection.  
  • Hard to Deal with. 
  • A Not Fun Part of the Prospecting Process. 

Am I right?  It's kinda like:
“Why do we even need to have these objections in network marketing?  
Can't we just move on now!?”

They're kinda like a wart or a pimple.  We just want them to go away…and FAST!

The reality is this.  They're here.  And, you need to not only learn to deal with them, but to embrace them…and in fact, look at them differently than you have in the past.

How Do you View Objections in Network Marketing?

Like most people, you see it as a roadblock or obstacle on your way to a sale, or to a new distributor.  It's common.  And…it is in fact blocking you from your intended destination.  Change the way you look at them and your result will change.

Resistance, objections in network marketing are given.  There is typically resistance in almost everything before there is acceptance.  Resistance precedes acceptance.

Change the Way you Look at Objections  

Take for example the common objection of, “I just don't have the time.”

I'm sure we'd all agree that it's probably the most frequently voiced piece of resistance or objection when it comes to someone participating in a network marketing business.  But…is that it?  Is it really that they don't have the time…or is it something else?

There is opportunity in objections.  They are in fact, opportunities themselves.


Think for a second.  What if you looked at every objection as an opportunity in disguise?  A chance for you to uncover, to discover the real reason for their answer.  It's not an impenetrable block.  It's not insurmountable.  It's temporary.

Try digging a little deeper when you get objections in network marketing.  ASK questions.  It's not hard.  It's actually very simple.  All your doing is asking a few questions.  We do it all the time.  Ask.  Dig.   You'll get…and I guarantee you that you will make more sales and sponsor more people…and they'll thank you for it.

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