Two Keys to Be Better at Overcoming Objections

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Overcoming objections is typically a “sales” term.  And, there are lots of people in network marketing or direct selling that don't think they are actually in a “sales” type of business.  Yes.  We are in sales.  You are moving a product or service to an end user.  The reality is that almost everything in life is sales.

I get it though.  What we do in network marketing is definitely a bit different than what happens in a traditional “sales” model where a salesperson prospects customers/clients, sets appointments, presents their product or service, and then ultimately leads them to a decision.  Wait.  Doesn't that sound similar though?  Hmmm…

I'm not doing this post to argue with someone as to whether or not we are selling, or in sales.

The reality is that if you are involved in network marketing and presenting your product and/or business opportunity, you are likely to get questions or resistance…and for the sake of this conversation, we'll simply call it:  overcoming objections.

Some people buy.  WHY?
Sometimes they resist.  WHY?

The more you understand why people buy and why they resist, the better you will get at addressing these key issues (objections), and be able to get past them and help lead your prospect to a decision.

In this video, I give you two very solid tips that will for sure make you more effective at addressing key questions and overcoming objections that you are facing in the marketplace.

The cool thing about what I share in this video is that when you do it, you'll find that your prospecting and appointments will be far more relaxed, because you won't be stressing out on how to go about overcoming objections that your prospects give you.

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