Two MLM Recruiting Master Strategies

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Your goal should be to master the art of MLM Recruiting.  Yes…if you're involved in network marketing, getting yourself to a level of MASTERY is a very good thing.

Here's the good news about becoming an MLM Recruiting Master!  It ain't hard!!  Seriously.  It's not.

Oh…yes.  You will FOR SURE work hard…but the task itself isn't highly technical.  In the video that is part of this post, I cover TWO very important points when it comes to MLM Recruiting that you need to be on top of if you're ever going to MASTER it.

Two MLM Recruiting Master Strategies

While I call them MASTER Strategies…they are fundamental to the core.  In other words…they're quite basic.  In super simple words…ridiculously EASY!  In other words…ANYONE CAN DO THIS!!!!!! then can it be a “Master” MLM Recruiting Strategy if it's all so basic?

Simple.  Most people don't do it!  Most people are too lazy to do it.  Most people will HEAR this…and never act on it…which is precisely why it's so easy to pass up your competition.  They're sleeping!

Here they are…so, so simple!  Ignore them at your own risk.

#1:  You NEED TO Take Notes on ALL of your Prospects!

You must take NOTES on ALL of your prospects.  If you're going to become an MLM Recruiting MASTER…then you need to be doing what PROS do.  Pros take notes.  I have notes on EVERY SINGLE person in my phone.  I take notes on every call, meeting, chat, messaging chat…you name it.

This is how you go about SEPARATING yourself from everyone else…and helps you to remember ALL the important things these people have shared with you.

Yes…it's fundamental.  Basic.  But…MASTERS do the basics.  It's what makes them so.

#2:  Set Dedicated Personal Time Aside DAILY to Prospect New Business.  

Becoming an MLM Recruiting Master doesn't happen by accident.  It requires you being disciplined and setting time aside every single day to drum up new business.

It's easy to blow this message off as “blah blah blah”…but let me ask you a question.

Are you currently setting specific time aside every single day that is specifically dedicated to YOU drumming up new business??  YES.  Or, NO.  If it's no…you're making a mistake.

At the very least, you should be setting aside at least ONE “Power Hour” a day.  You're certainly worth at least one hour of dedicated time for yourself to bring in new business, aren't you?

It helps you grow.  You become exceptional.  You're leading like you should.  And…your business' bottom line profits will love you forever for it.  Don't ignore this because it seems too simple.

Understand this.  Sometimes it is the simplest, most basic moves that we make that create the biggest difference in our business.

Let it be known…these are two of them.

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