Two Ways to Keep your Network Marketing Team from Falling Apart

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When you're working super hard to build a productive network marketing team…you want to make sure you're doing everything you can from having that team fall apart.

In other words…you want your team to STAY together, to not fragment off into multiple cells or groups of people that are all doing different things.

The BIG problem with a team that doesn't stay together is CONFUSION.

I cannot tell you how many times I've seen people break off from one another…and then everyone who comes into the team ends up confused.

Do I follow this system or that one?
Who should I listen to?
Which process do I follow…his or hers?

If you ever have network marketing team members asking those types of questions, you have a big problem on your hand.

It's hard enough as it is working everyday to get customers and distributors on board your network marketing team…the LAST thing you want to do is have your network marketing team fall apart on you.

In this post, there are two main things I'd suggest to you to make sure that you keep your group together and growing.

No matter how good your company is or how fast you are growing, people will always leave. You could be in massive momentum, your company having constant growth, month in and month out…and still, people leave. It's part of the business. That stuff happens.

However…what I see happening all the time is network marketing teams falling apart. And…it can easily be prevented by simply doing two things.

#1: Make Sure you Include the Voices of your Leaders!

People on your team who are highly productive need to be heard. Their voices need to be heard, their expertise needs to be featured and put in front of the entire group. Leaders who are producing need to be a PART of the overall team's messaging.

If I was running an organization today, it would never be the “Todd Falcone Show” or the Joe Blow Show. If you choose to NAME your team…I'd steer away from using your name. When you do, people immediately think it's YOUR show, that it's YOUR team…and even if they're in it, they won't feel as much so as if you chose to use something that was more inclusive of everyone.

If you're running an organization…it's NOT about you. It's about EVERYONE!

Peoples voices need to be heard. Not everyone's. But…those people who are working hard, producing volume, earning checks and contributing to the overall volume of sales that takes place on your team…yes, those voices MUST be heard.

High value assets need to be included in all that you do as you grow your group! Their voices need to be heard!

What's a High Valued Asset? Let's clarify…

These are the people that are responsible for the majority of growth in your network marketing team. These are the individuals that are recruiting, building, earning checks and making things happen.

It's the work of ALL the people in your organization that create the success…especially the ones who are producing a BULK of the production on your team. These are people that are contributing to the overall team's success.

They should be included in the overall messaging of how you go about supporting the entire network marketing team.

You'd never see me on stage taking credit for the entire success of my network marketing team. It's the ENTIRE GROUP that contributed to that success…never just one person.

The key to keeping your group together is valuing them, hearing their voices, and having them HELP with leading and developing the organization.

Have them HELP you provide support for the entire team. Ask them to contribute to your trainings, your events, your Zoom calls, your Facebook Groups…or whatever else it is that you use to provide support and training to the masses.

Be inclusive. Include these people in how you support your team. That way…they won't ever feel like they need to start their own group because they feel valued, wanted, needed and highly appreciated.

The more you can INCLUDE producers in the overall messaging, the less likely they will ever “splinter” off or feel like they need to star their own team, doing things separate from everyone else.

Creating a well-oiled machine that LASTS requires you making sure that the voices of your key leaders are heard. You do NOT want people fragmenting off and doing their own thing. If you have everyone on the same page, following the same systems and doing the same thing…the greater the likelihood of you keeping your network marketing team together.

#2: Communication is One of your Greatest Assets!

How is your communication flow? Are you leaving them guessing or do they know exactly what is happening and when?

ALL relationships…friendships, marriages, business relationships…ALL of them FLOURISH when their is open communication. Without communication, things fall apart.

The key to long-term success is communications. Facebook Groups, WhatsApp, SMS, Newsletters, Broadcast Voice Messaging, whatever it is you choose to use to support and communicate with your group should be a free-flowing messaging platform where people feel informed, in-the-know…and not kept in the dark.

I promise you this. When you choose to have an open flow of communication with people in your team, you'll keep people loyal, on board and excited to do more.

Again…you worked hard to put this team together. You want to do everything you can to KEEP the team together.

And…these two simple ideas of INCLUSION and COMMUNICATION will help you keep people moving forward, focused, and excited.

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