Using Contests to Avoid the Summer Slump in Network Marketing

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Are you Going to Fall Victim to the Summer Slump?

Most businesses have seasons…peaks and valleys.  Network Marketing isn't any different.  And…the valley season is upon us.  I call it the “summer slump”.  It's when people choose to seriously lay back on their activity because they've sold themselves on the idea that “no one wants to talk business because it's summer.”  

So…what do they do?  They lay back, take a break and don't work as hard as they normally would…causing their business to move into a downward trend and slow down.

The way to avoid the summer slump in network marketing is to stay on it.  That means staying active and on the gas and not coasting or putting on the brakes.

Don't sell yourself into believing that nobody wants to talk business just because it's sunny outside. 

One thing that you need to understand is this.  There's no light switch when you're an entrepreneur.  We don't clock in and out. It's not a 9 to 5 and go home and forget about it kinda thing.  The truth is that it's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

We're ALWAYS on and open for business.    Does it mean you can't play?  That you cannot take a vacation and have some fun? Absolutely not!  You can play a ton as an entrepreneur…but you STILL need to stay in production and tend to your garden.  you

Avoiding the summer slum in network marketing means staying in tune during the months of June, July and August.

And…remember to NOT sell yourself short by talking yourself OUT of doing business because you “think” no one wants to discuss business during the summer.  I could sell you into believing that NEVER is there a good time to build the business, and give you excuses for sitting on the sidelines all year long.

A New Way of Looking at the Summer Slump

Here's how I've always looked at seasonal down times.  It's strike time.  Others are sleeping and slumbering and there's less competition.  It's a better time to take action.  There's less pressure and less competition in the marketplace.  I'll let others lay back while I stay busy and get further ahead.  Let others make excuses about how their business is in a summer slump while mine continues to grow and flourish.  Do you see the difference in the thinking here?

Think differently.  Get different results.  Instead of “now is not the time”, shift it to “now is the best time.”

Here's Two Great Ideas to Avoid the Summer Slump  

#1:  Run a Contest or Promotion.  Get with your team and put a contest together.  Think about some cool prizes that people would hustle extra hard to try and win.

You could give away trips, iPad's, computers, cash money…pretty much anything.  Just make sure it fits in your budget!

When you run a contest or promotion, there needs to be a timeline and rules associated with it.  Think about running a customer acquisition contest to get more customers.  How about a recruiting contest?  Better yet…why not run one each month throughout the summer?

Give it a cool name:  Sizzling Days of Summer, Hot Summer Nights Recruiting Contest, Smoking Summer Sponsoring….you get the picture!  Cool winnings…hot fun!!  Get it?

#2:  Get an Accountability Buddy or Partner

Find someone to hold you to what you SAY you want to do and make sure it's a two-way street.  An accountability partner can be extremely valuable in keeping you in the game when you'd otherwise slack off a bit.

That person you choose MUST be as committed as you to holding one another accountable.  It takes two to Tango.

Better yet…hop into my Summer A-Team Program.  It's starting soon…and it is the perfect opportunity for you to run with a group of your peers that all have something in common:  staying on their game all summer long.

When you do my Summer A-Team, you will absolutely do more activity and more business than you would without it.  If you register now…I'll let you bring in a buddy or teammate for free.  That takes the cost of A-Team and slashes it by HALF for you.  But…there's a limit on how many people can bring in a buddy for free in this upcoming A-Team.  If you get to my page and it's still available…jump on it.  If you don't see it on the page, you missed out.  Here's where you can register and get the details on my upcoming Summer A-Team starting soon.

Register Here for Summer A-Team and Avoid the Summer Slump

Whether you do A-Team or not…at the very least, run some sort of contest and get yourself someone who is willing to hold you accountable for that 90-day summer window.  Your business is far too important for you to slack off and suffer the consequences of laying back in the summer.

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