What To Do When Nobody Is Building

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What To Do When Nobody Is Building
  • Looking At What Pond, You’re Fishing In
  • The Simple 4-Step System For Ensuring New Rep Success

What To Do When Nobody Is Building

The question I get often is…

“Todd, what do you do when you’re putting people in the business, and no one is working the business?”

Great question!

In today’s training, I’m going to share with you how to solve this dilemma.

I’m also going to give a simple and easy to follow system you can start using right away. This system will ensure you’re leading your team and not leaving anyone behind.

OK, my Fearless Networker, let’s get started.

Looking At What Pond, You’re Fishing In

The first thing we want to do is take a look at who you’re putting in the business.

Maybe the pond you’re fishing in is the wrong pond. Who we bring into the business is vital if our goal is to work with self-starters.

The other thing you want to look at is your “after” process.

What are you doing “after” you sign up a new rep on your team because this is where the real work begins.

Remember, if you’re signing someone up who has never done networking before, this is all new to them. We want to support these people fully, so they’re never alone or have to wonder what to do next.

  • They don’t know what to do. 
  • They’re fearful.
  • They’re unsure of themselves. 
  • It’s uncomfortable for them because it’s a new environment.

It’s why having a system for your “after” process is critical to starting every new rep off on the right path.

It’s our job as leaders of our organizations to lead people and ensure they have support.

The Simple 4-Step System For Ensuring New Rep Success

Here’s a simple 4-step system I’d highly recommend.

1: Look at what pond you’re fishing in. Are these people you’re signing up the right type of people for network marketing? Look for self-starters, people who are motivated for something better or more in life.

2: Once you sign them up, what are you doing? Are you directing them to a fast start training and leaving them be. Or, are you working closely with them and ensuring they feel comfortable about the entire process of the business.

3: Set up your own “after” process that you can put all your new people into. This way, you can ensure everyone on your team is getting the support they need.

4: Have a hands-on approach with your team members. Do prospecting with them, SHOW THEM how to do the business.

Make sure you take some time to watch my video above because I go into great detail.

In this episode #113, It's about “What To Do When Nobody Is Building.”

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