What Top Earners Have in Common

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While hanging out at the Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event on Day One, I bumped into several very successful network marketers who all had something in common.

Don't you wonder exactly what top earners have in common?

I sure do.  In fact…I'm always digging and curious as to what makes top earners, top earners.  I've always been that way…you know, inquisitive.  In fact, I'd suggest you be that way as well.  Be curious.  Be inquisitive.  Be open to learning and finding out why and how people do wha they do.

Obviously, most top earners have some pretty blatantly clear things in common with one another.  But…here's something that I think is important to know…

If you want to be like these top earners I just referenced, there are some very specific actions and decisions you can make that will help ensure you get there.

What Top Earners Do

I've been around mega-producers my entire network marketing career.  I've sat down and interviewed over 50 of the top earners in our profession, as well as personally worked with many of them hand in hand.  And…for my entire network marketing journey, I've been at the very top of the companies I've built.  Here are some things that all top earners do:

  1. Make a Decision and Stick to it.  Top earners find companies and stick to them like glue.  They put their blinders on and get to work.
  2. Treat People with Respect.  The top earners that I know…the ones that last, they treat people with respect and are kind to those they work with in the field.
  3. They Don't Prejudge.  Most of the top earners I come into contact with…almost without exception, don't assume or make decisions for someone else, because they know that it is impossible to predict who will and who won't do this business.
  4. They Prospect their Butts off.  Top earners are that way because they know what makes them money, and focus on those activities.
  5. They Work with the Workers.  One of the greatest attributes of top earners is their discernment…knowing who to invest their time with, and focus on helping to build.  Top earners work with those who deserve their time and attention, not those who need it.
  6. They Don't Bounce.  Top earners don't bounce around from company to company, unless they are forced to move.  It takes something significant for them to change their mind and move in a different direction, because they know that “bouncing” means having to start all over again.

There are lots of reasons why people become top earners…but those are just a few.  If you think I've left something out, which I did on purpose…please share below on what YOU BELIEVE makes a top earner.

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