What your Sponsor Should Be Doing on a 3-Way Call

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I've been asked by one of my viewers to cover the OTHER side of a 3-way call. In some of my most recent video trainings, I taught how to do a three-way call for your network marketing business both on a landline telephone as well as a cell phone.

In this latest training video, you'll get to learn what YOU as the sponsor should be doing if asked to conduct a 3-way call by one of your team members.

Hint…it'll also give you a clue as to what YOUR sponsor should be doing when you bring YOUR prospects to your upline leader.

This fills the gap so you know what should be happening from the NEW REPS position, as well as the LEADER'S position during a three-way call.

Of course…remember, this is a training video specifically teaching how to do a 3-way call in the context of building a network marketing, MLM or Direct Sales home business.

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