Who Cares More About your Network Marketing Business? You…or the other guy?

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No one should care more about your network marketing business than you.  And…no one ever will.  They care about their business…if they care at all.

Your network marketing business will succeed because YOU CARE enough about it to do something about it…personally!

Don't ever fall into the trap of thinking someone else is going to care more about your livelihood, your success or your business than you do.  It can be pretty easy to fall into that way of thinking….and then find yourself feeling sorry for yourself because your business isn't going the way you wanted it to.

No one cares more about your network marketing business than you!  So…stop acting like it.

If you don't like the way your network marketing business is trending….YOU have to do something about it.
If your people aren't sponsoring, aren't active, aren't showing up…YOU have to do something about it.

People care about themselves…if they care at all.

Your path to success in your network marketing is rooted in personal production.

YES…we get to earn on the efforts of other people.  But…sitting around and “hoping” someone is going to act or move at a more furious pace is not a recipe for success.

Let me give you some simple advice.

Get to work.  Stay on the gas.  Keep recruiting.  Keep enrolling.  Gather more customers.  Stay in personal production.  Focus on YOU…and what you're doing.

I'm not saying don't work with your team…or not to focus on helping others.  Of course you need to do that.  It's a big part of what we do!!

My main and very simple point of this post is this.

Personal Production is the ONLY thing you can control.  You control you.  No one else.  So…if that's the case, make darn sure that your personal production is always of utmost importance to you.  No one should ever care more about your own success than you do.

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