Why People Fail: Lack of Ownership

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Why People Fail:  It's Not Hard to Figure Out Why Some People Make it and Why Others Do Not

Look around.  It's pretty easy to understand and see why people fail in their job or their business.

Sure…there are lots of us who have gone after stuff and it didn't work out the way we expected.  We all have failures in life.  Many failures in fact, lead to successes.  Tripping along the path is something most people do.  Nobody's perfect.  We all have flaws, errors in judgment and make mistakes.


If you OPEN your eyes it is pretty easy to see why some people succeed and why others fail.

Why People Fail:  A LACK OF COMMON SENSE!  

I don't know what it is.  The older I get, the more I shake my head.  Maybe it's becoming wiser…I don't know.  I don't see myself as a “wise man”.  With age, comes experience.

And, from my life's experience…people are asleep at the wheel.  Not everyone of course.  But…so many people are running around living mediocre lives because they simply don't do things that are pretty darn “in your face” easy.  What's with that??

Take for example this situation:

A guy has a job and says he wants to get ahead in it.  Yet…he shows up everyday acting like a minimum wage employee, barely giving it any effort at all. The next time his review comes along, he is wondering why in the world he didn't get the raise or the promotion.  He's blind to his lack of ownership and effort.  Minimal effort, minimal return.

We need to pay respect to the the marketplace in order for it to return something significant.

Getting ahead in life is pretty damn simple.  Forget the entrepreneur stuff for a moment.  Just moving forward with great relationships or with someone's career in the workplace.  Getting ahead and beating the pants off your competition is a joke.  Many people are lazy and asleep.  Passing someone or doing a better job than them isn't even something that requires much effort at all.

To me…taking ownership is about respect and responsibility.

Are you taking ownership in everything you do?

I'm not judging you, but in my opinion…you aren't respect the marketplace and operating from a position of ownership in life if you do any of the following:

  • Give the bare minimum at your job and mess around when you know you should be working.  If you owned the place, would you work that way?  
  • Doing donuts in a rental car.  If it was your personal car, would you drive it that rough?
  • Making a mess of someone's house.  If it was your place, would you act the same way?
  • Thrashing a hotel room.  Is that the way you do things at home?
  • Being demeaning to your waiter.  Is that how you'd treat your star employee?

I realize that list has very little to do with “being in business”, but my point is simple. Respect the marketplace, and it will pay you in return for what you give it.

I'd saying taking “Pride in Ownership” in all that you do is a simple, yet highly effective recipe for getting ahead in life, don't you?

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