Why You Need To Call In A Team Blitz Today

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why You Need To Call In A Team Blitz Today
  • What Is A Team Blitz And Why Does This Work Like Gangbusters?
  • Here’s How To Get Your Team Blitz Going And Producing BIG Results!

Why You Need To Call In A Team Blitz Today

Ready to hit your next rank level?

Today I’m going to share with you exactly how to do this faster than you might think.

What you’ll discover today is a team-building strategy that works like nothing else I’ve tested in the field. You’ll see how one person was able to book 90 appointments in a few hours.

He went from 0 to 90 appointments almost instantly.

What would your business look like with 90 appointments on the calendar for the week?

Yes, you’d be hitting your next rank level in no time flat!

One of the great things about this strategy is that it creates greater growth for your business. It allows people on your team to produce more for their business. It increases confidence, self-esteem and turns ordinary people into network marketing professionals almost overnight.

Ok, let’s get started...

What Is A Team Blitz And Why Does This Work Like Gangbusters?

What is a team blitz?

The idea here is to get people on your team under the same roof. What you do is invite them over to your house, and then you’re all working together doing revenue-producing activities.

The act of getting together and working together is powerful.

Most of the time, everyone is working their business alone. With a team blitz, you’re all coming together for a few hours a week.

Let’s look at the mechanics of how this works.

Here’s How To Get Your Team Blitz Going And Producing BIG Results!

Here’s how to get your team blitz going.

Pick one night of the week from 6 PM - 10 PM.

The reason this works is because there’s strength in numbers. The key is everyone is working and feeding off each other’s energy.

Does this really work?

Sure does!

Quick story:

I made this challenge to the people on my A-TEAM training. If you’re not familiar with A-TEAM, it’s my accountability coaching program for network marketing professionals.


We had one person in the group decide to take me up on this team blitz. He invited about five people on his team over to his house.

On our next call together, I asked him for an update on his blitz. He couldn’t believe how powerful it was. That one night (only a few hours) of revenue-producing activity, they booked 90 appointments.

Yes, I said 90!

I asked him, “what do you think you would have done without your team there?”

His response… “Honestly, I would have done zero!”

His business is taking off like a rocket, and he’s doing these team blitzes weekly. The best part is this thing can take off when you have other people on your team doing their own local team blitzes.

Make sure you take some time and watch or listen to this training in full because I dive into more details about this method.

This episode, #122, it’s about “Why You Need To Call In A Team Blitz Today.”

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Stay fearless,

Todd Falcone
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