Why You’re Not Making Money in NWM

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What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Why You're Not Making Money in NWM
  • The BIGGEST Reason You're NOT Making Money in Your Business
  • The Secret to Making a Fortune in Your Existing Network Marketing Company

Why You're Not Making Money in NWM

The most common saying you'll hear is… “only people at the top make money.”

If you hear this non-sense, change the channel.


Because you know right away this person doesn't know what they're talking about. They're operating under bad data. You don't have to be at the top to make the most money in this business.

You also don't have to be first in the business to make the most money.

Check this out…

If you're not making the kind of income you'd like from your business… it's because of ONE THING!

Watch my video to see what this is… so you can start driving your business forward today.

The BIGGEST Reason You're NOT Making Money in Your Business

OK, I'm going to be direct…

The ONE THING is simply you're not doing the work.

What do I mean by “doing the work”…

Glad you asked!

I'm talking about you getting…

  • * New customers
  • * New prospects
  • * New reps
  • * Putting new people in your product pipeline everyday
  • * Showing your new team members how to get started

If you or someone on your team is thinking of quitting this business, ask yourself (or them) this question…

What does your last 90 days of revenue producing activity look like?

What you'll find is that it's not enough.

Most of the time they're simply doing “busy” activities… and are not doing revenue producing activity.

The reality is this…

Network marketing is a confidence game. Confidence in our industry, business model and products.

The Secret to Making a Fortune in Your Existing Network Marketing Company

Chances are you've got a few people making big money in your company.

Why is this? Action.

Let me tell you about my first two years I was in this business.

I was struggling big-time.

I thought I was doing the work.

Going to the meetings, attending the training calls, etc. I had to find the leaks in my boat… if I wanted to create success.

Here's what I discovered about myself at the time…

I was a grinder, and took things way to seriously. 

Long story short… I had to learn to lighten up, have fun and move people towards the presentation and close business.

How about you…

Where are your leaks in your boat?

What skills can you improve at? How many more connections can you make per week?

Remember this…

If you're doing the same thing over and over… yet getting the same poor results… change it now.

Make sure you take a few minutes and watch the video lesson on this page… because I go into more details on this topic.

In this episode #90, It's about… “Why You're Not Making Money in NWM”.

Listen to the show above and comment below with your questions or comments.

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