How to Brand Yourself an Expert in MLM

Oh boy.  People have gone off-course and gotten lost in the woods it seems.  If your objective as a network marketer is to make money as a network marketer, then get busy building your network marketing company.

Here’s my spin on how to really go about making a name for yourself in the MLM World:

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I’d love to hear your feedback on this subject.  Please do comment and feel free to share if you wish…




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  1. Richard Bravo

    Right on Todd… this is so on point.
    The last couple of weeks this exact theme keeps simmering in my mind. I’m having dreams about it and thinking about it at all random times during the day. The essence of the industry has been so diluted with “affiliate vs networker” schizophrenia that I cant imagine what a new person must think.

    What’s worse is you have people running around teaching them that you can just pop open a box of crackin’ jacks and pull out your “Im An Expert” badge and tomorrow you’re… winning!

    … the expert branding bubble is starting to burst.

  2. Melanie

    Todd,this message is right on point & timely . I think you must have been in my head lately, because this is exactly what I’ve been struggling with. Now, I see that I’ve had it backwards and I need to just go build my business and the results will follow. As always, you da man!

  3. Matt Shorty Wells

    Great advise. I think I’ll take it.

    This is exactly my plan. I do have intentions and desires to have a generic career in the MLM training world and there was a time not long ago that I was studying and focusing on starting a MLM blog.

    The truth about that though was that I had been “in MLM” for about 3 years by then and other than my first year where I made about $3k in first order bonuses I hadn’t made any money in MLM and I had a monthly bonus check of $0.00. That’s not true, the company doesn’t actually send a check for nothing.

    So, really, I was looking at the whole blog thing as a cop out. And I didn’t want to be another one of those obviously amateur MLMers with a HOW TO blog.

    Today I’m not looking left, not looking right, I’ve got my sole focus on building my MLM business. Then maybe in another 2 years or so I’ll reconsider launching my blog and start having fun with that. But when I hit the internet I won’t be speaking from book knowledge, I will be able to offer perspective from real world experience. Which is exactly what will make my blog of value to others.

    That’s why I tune in to this blog. Experience.

  4. Dave Kotecki

    Hey Todd,

    Pretending in network marketing doesn’t work any better than it does in high school. People will just naturally pick up on the fact that you’re full of BS.

    Everybody wants the same thing in all areas. Results without effort. Just look at the weight loss industry.

    As far as a blog goes, I think starting a blog should be listed under “The Fastest Ways To Go Broke In Network Marketing”. Talk about distractions! Countless hours can be spent working on building the perfect blog. And of course you’ve got to get it just right before you invite anyone to take a look at it.

    All anyone really needs to do is to have as many meaningful conversations with prospects as possible and they’ll make some sales. When contact is being made, sales will be made.

    I could go on for a while on this subject. I think I’ll just close by saying this: If you’re not talking to prospects, your business won’t grow. And as a real coach once told me, “Your business is prospecting”.

  5. Mike Riedmiller

    Thanks for another great post, Todd. You hit the nail on the head (so to speak)…. there’s so many people worried about being an expert that they lose focus and don’t produce results.

  6. Lisa Kneller

    Oh man, I couldn't agree with you more. By the way, it was great meeting you last night. I had no idea. lol
    Anyway, we can't fake expertise or promote ourselves as teachers of something unless we have walked through the fire and done the work ourselves. I would add to hone your skills in an area you love and maybe have a gift in and then you'll "fall into" a niche and you will be asked for help when the time is right.

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