When Corporate America Craps on You

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So…check this out. People are promised stuff all the time and not given what they were told was coming to them. Sad…especially when it comes to the entire concept of MOTIVATING people and driving them into action. The video below tells a sad story of corporate America….

I've been self-employed for so long that I can't even remember what it is like to work for someone and have them crap all over you (figuratively, of course). In this video, I am re-telling a story from a fishing buddy who got sharted on by the corporation he works for. This crap…pun intended happens ALL the time in the regular work world. People are under-appreciated, underpaid, over-worked, treated like poo and just flat out abused.

Many of these people don't even know they have a choice! And…while this story I am relating isn't even remotely close to the horrors that DO take place every day, it should make you FIRE UP and move into action.

I firmly believe that we as self-employed entrepreneurs who are in the KNOW have a RESPONSIBILITY to STEP UP, get serious and let people know that there is a better way, a way that doesn't involve getting crapped on.

Yes…I am being descriptive here with the chocolate terms, but nobody deserves to be treated the way many people are in corporate America.

Hey Network Marketers! Step up. Get to work. Spread the word. Pay it forward. Other people deserve to know the truth.

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