The 10 Worst People in MLM

This post is sure to piss someone off.   If it does, then a good idea would be to look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Why does this make me so mad?” 

As I go through this list of people, please know this.  The names used here are fictional in nature and are not tied to any specific person.  So…if I use a name here and it happens to be your first name and the badness applies to you, then it’s simply coincidental in nature. 

You ready?  This is gonna be fun. 

#10 Wayne the Whiner:  This poor fella is so focused on what’s wrong that he spends more time with tissues than in training.  He’s so busy wiping his nose that he just missed out on the person in front of him that said they wanted to join.  He’s one of those guys that eventually become a “red button” person on your cell phone.  If you don’t get that, look at your cell phone and imagine him calling you.  You can push one of two buttons, red or green.   

#9  Erin the Exaggerator: Erin makes some money, but far less than she tells everyone.  She walks around bragging about how big her volume is and how large her check, only to get caught one day when she forgot to log out of her genealogy report and a friend got a chance to see what she was REALLY making.  That friend took a screen shot of her report and posted it up on Facebook for everyone to see.  The sad thing is that she actually had a pretty decent check, one that a lot of people would be thrilled to have, so there was no need to exaggerate.  Ooops!  There went the reputation…and it didn’t even have to go that way.  

#8 Dick: This particular person doesn’t need to be called by any other name.  He needs no first or last name, it speaks for itself.  He is one of those guys that treats his downline like trash, failing to realize that this is actually a volunteer sport that people do because they want to, not because they are forced to.  Dick goes on every day pointing his finger at people telling them what to do, while all the while he does nothing.  Dick isn’t very nice.  And…Dick’s team is dwindling.  Dick is experiencing team shrinkage.  If Dick would simply smile more and be more kind, he’d realize that people would stay. 

#7 Crossline Chrissy:  Poor girl thinks she is God’s greatest gift to network marketing and that her company is the only game in town.  She goes around writing letters to people in different companies offering them a “spot” and a unique opportunity to take part in the greatest thing that has ever lived, putting all others down.  She spends most of her time recruiting people from other companies rather than actually growing our profession, showing her true weakness.  Instead of “lifting up” our space, she degrades it.  The thing is, her company is actually pretty decent and she’d likely make a more positive and lasting impact on the world if she just focused on talking to people that NEED or WANT an opportunity, rather than stealing from someone else.   

#6:  Johnny the Jumper:  Johnny is well-liked by most…at least for a while.  He has a really great personality, but no patience.  He’s actually pretty decent at recruiting, mostly because he’s fairly charming.  Unfortunately, his fatal flaw is the inability to stick to something for more than a couple of months.  After about 15 deals, Johnny’s friends no longer follow him.  The last time I saw Johnny, he was making sandwiches in a Deli down in Orlando. 

#5:  The King of Whales:  This dude talks all the time about “how all the whales are coming in”.  He’s one of those guys that you NEVER ever hear from until he’s onto the next deal.  Then…when he calls you, it’s like you are his greatest pal ever.  You’re the BEST of friends, even though the last time you talked was nine months ago when he was pitching you something else.  You’ve heard this so many times before that you can literally lip it…wait, here it comes, “Todd…all the whales are coming in.”  I chuckle every time he calls. 

#4:  Blaming Billy:  This guy is always talking about how his sponsor wasn’t good enough, or how the system sucked.  All the while, every company he has ever been in, people are making money.  It’s always somebody else’s fault and never his.  Poor Billy goes through life pointing fingers and assessing blame.  The best thing for him to do what be to go to the carnival and enter the House of Mirrors ride.  There…yes, there is where he will find his answer. 

#3:  I’m going to make you…Rich:  I’ve met Rich a whole bunch of times.  Rich talks a lot…until he’s gone.  Rich comes in and never listens because he knows it all, even though he’s never made a dime in this profession.  He talks about all the volume he is going to create and how you’ll never have to work again a day in your life now that you have him in your downline.  Rich was done the moment he opened his mouth.  He’s cursed.  I’ve met many Rich’s in my day and NONE have ever done anything. 

#2:  Paralyzed Paula:  Poor girl is scared of her own shadow.  Wants to make money for sure, but can’t seem to get out of her own way for even a second.  Paula keeps looking for all the answers even though she’s already been given access to all of them.  Paula keeps calling you asking for help, even though you’ve given it to her time and time again, and even offered to make calls with her.  She starts calling around to others on the team asking for help, insinuating that you’re not willing to assist.  Interesting girl.   Have you met her?

#1 Reinventing Rhonda:  She saved up her money for almost two years to join YOUR team.  She’s so excited to “finally” be working with you and to follow your lead.  Bummer though.  She won’t listen to jack.  She knows you’re a leader in the business and that you have a long and proven track record of success, but she’s going to do it “her” way, all the while “saying” she is teachable.  Then…she gets mad at you two months into the deal because you have stopped returning her calls.  She hasn’t done ONE thing you suggested.  She didn’t go to the training site, hasn’t attended an event, isn’t going to conference, and hasn’t event talked to one person in her warm market.  Now…in her mind, it’s your fault.  Crazy how things work, huh?

So…those are 10.  There are more, but since I talked about 10 in this post, I will keep it there.  Do you know any of these people??  Ever had the pleasure of working with them? 

I would love your feedback on this post.  Feel free to share…




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  1. Robin LeMare

    YES ~ sooooo realistic! I have met many of those people, especially ‘Wayne’ (an actual person with that name!), Dick, Johnny, Billy, Rich and the INFAMOUS Rhonda!!!

    Love you all guys 😉

    Appreciate everything you do for the world Todd ~ THANK YOU ~


  2. Mark Call


    This is the BEST thing I have Read in a LONG Time!

    Dude, YOU always call it LIKE IT IS!

    Can I have this made into a ‘poster’ bro…

    Dead Nuts ON!

    – Mark Call

  3. Floyd Jones

    Wow! I believe that I was a couple of those people before I realized that if it is to be, it was up to me! I certainly know a few of them now too. It’s a shame but, we have to go through them to get to the winners of the game or to help some of them transform into the winners. I love it!

  4. Jeff Sokol

    Nice work Todd! This one hit home with every example… I’m so glad I decided not to babysit anymore! Haha…


  5. Lydia

    Rhonda!! Oh my I have one on my team right now. She always states, “I was waiting for you to call me to do that” Has not taken one step to learn the business. Won’t plug in. Even asked me if I would help her build a website she could sell jewelry on. Mind you our business has nothing to do with jewelry!

  6. David Frey -

    This EPIC post really is worthy of a double share!

    You know, I know a “Crossline Chrissy” right now that I’d like to…(censored).

    1. Kim Ward

      lol David. Did Crossline Chrissy click on your google ad, then fill in her info to get you to call her back so she could have the opportunity to tell you about her company? If so I know her too!

      Great post Todd!

  7. April Marie Tucker

    Funny Todd, I actually know them all lol!! But where’s Todd the one that everyone should be like? Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with us!! I now know I don’t want to be like Wayne the Whiner, Erin the Exaggerator, Dick, Crossline Chrissy, Johnny the Jumper, The King of Whales, Blaming Billy, I’m going to make you…Rich, and Reinventing Rhonda.. Funny the personality types!

  8. Robert Blakely

    Todd always love your information. Ive followed you for some years now and you always put out no fluff stuff. Thanks for sharing. Yes Ive seen all of these people. Keep on rocking brother.

  9. Jarrett Holmes

    Awesome post Todd! These are so true. As I’ve progressed in MLM with many companies and hundreds of conferences, and tapes, I’ve outgrown these and have to stop myself every once in a while from migrating back to a few of them. Character and Integrity is super key in building a successful network marketing business. Your brand is your name. If you treat people like a rep # and not focus on their goals and dreams, they will remember that the next time you ask them to join you. They also remember if you are a hobby MLM builder or are SOLD OUT and “all in” for your teams success, no matter what it takes. When they see it in your heart, and the fire in your eyes, they will follow you anywhere. Thanks for leading by example Todd.

  10. Abdul Waheed

    Lol Todd,

    I think we’ve all come across them at one point or another hey. Love this post.

    I saw Michelle Pescosolido & Ray Higden post it which caught my attention.

    Great Stuff.

  11. Steve Gaghagen

    GREAT Post! I know ALL of these guys … and more … LOL. Thanks for the great read, Todd. I’m passing it on!

  12. Paul Barlow

    Thank you Todd, Im grateful for the reminder of different areas to be working on so i can attract what i want

  13. Matt

    This is a fairly good piece, but you would increase your credibility and professional appearance if you took time to correct some grammatical and spelling mistakes in your post.

    1. Post
  14. Andrew Hillman

    Haha, this is a great but true post. Glad I saw this up on facebook on a friends feed, I enjoyed the read Todd. Thanks

  15. Chuck

    Todd, your blog post is a classic 100% true and accurate and certainly one of the best I have read in some time.

    If anyone has been in the MLM industry for any length of time you will know at least a few of these people. In fact, I swear I know who “Crossline Chrissy” is… I just had a run in with her a few weeks ago when she attempted to recruit me 🙂

    Anyway, great post and thanks for keeping it real Todd.

  16. Harry Fassett - Snackhealthy

    LOL! Yep, but also the truth must be told whether it considered putting another Co. down or not (truth trumps, and if it’s considered negative, because people are in the particular Co. in question and it doesn’t help their cause, so be it.

    Because a lot of BS is coming from Co’s and people in them in the industry, and 98% come from a JOB and never ran a real business before, not knowing business 101 and doing market research first and foremost before even considering a network marketing Company or any business for that matter.

    Kinda like politics, if anybody says the truth and it’s perceived as negative against a certain party or person, your are a racist regardless if the topic in question isn’t even remotely in the ball part of race, right? Right.

    That’s the biggest lie in the industry right now, it doesn’t matter what the product is or Co., just the team, and that’s a huge lie, and not based on market research, market saturation, and penetration and how many distributors are competing with you in your Co. and outside of it from other Co’s in the industry, and again, miss-leading and not laying all the demographic facts on the table is the worse.

    If a Company is number five hundred in a over saturated, and heavily penetrated category within a specific industry (vitamins, potions, lotions and motions within the Network Marketing industry for example), they have tons of negatives already working against them and they know it, but don’t want people to know it for obvious reasons; the people who where in early in a specific category, and are now making the big bucks.

    Plus many overlook the negative associations at a subconscious level (extremely hard to overcome no matter how good a team you are on) over the decades of very bad and amateur distributors (again, from the working stiff JOB world), and unfortunately it’s associated with vitamin, soap, and vanity products you can’t eat. :0) Chaio. HF

  17. Steve Marx

    I enjoyed this post and appreciated it immensely!

    I’ve seen “Sammy the spammer” with his very large family
    all over the net.

    All in all, very good post with a truthfully powerful statement.

    Thanks for sharing this insight!

  18. VaNessa Duplessie

    OMG, Todd..this post cracked me up and at the same time caused me to think. In my 20 year business career when have I ever been one of these people and how did I grow and learn through whatever phase it might have been? Well, it was because someone mentored me. Some people are teachable and others are just not. Awesome post.


  19. Robert Garcia

    Hi Todd,

    I’ve been out of the Network Marketing for a while but have decided to get back in and have always enjoyed your trainings and this top 10 list is very accurate because in my 15 years in MLM I’ve run across all of those types of people!

    I enjoy learning from you because you tell it like it is and not what people want to hear…

    Robert Garcia
    Tampa, FL

  20. Jeannie Aylsworth

    WOW! Todd Falcone, I know I have been a few of these, and am still working on one or 2 myself. Looking forward and trying to help everyone else reminds me I have to be the best I can be first. Thank you for the post.

  21. Bill Randall

    Great post as always Todd.

    In my short time in this profession (3 years) I have met and known all of these people.
    I was going to preface that with “Sadly” but then realized that it’s all an important part of the learning process.

    Yes…my radar is now far better tuned and I can only thank these individuals for that.

  22. Christine

    Todd fab as usual. Agree with April, how about a description of “Perfect Patty” the one who always gets it right and is an exemplary leader?

    Everyone knows that it’s the leaders who succeed in the business, so it’d be good to get your insights into aspiring to, stepping up to, and executing solid leadership.

  23. Brian Gray

    Such an awesome read! I love following your video blogs and all the advice you share is just cut and dry. Thanks for the education you provide daily and by educating myself through people like you, success is surely bound to be a reality. And yes, I have come in contact with some of these names you mentioned and I actually realized I may have been one. Until I sacked up and started changing it! Thanks.

  24. Dan Campagnoli

    Another hard hitting post! Reading through it’s good to identify the traps you can fall into to make sure catch yourself when your mindset is drifting and correct back onto the right course.

  25. John Rollow

    Great post. Should become part of your textbook for “Basic Network Marketing 101.”

    The descriptions work for Paul (Paula) and Ron (Rhonda), too — in case anyone is confused by the gender slanting.

  26. Derenda

    It is from candid conversations like these that we as human beings learn to identify and correct some bad habits and tendancies that sometimes we are unaware of. I thamk you for the humor and for your spot on blog. Keep em coming!!!!

  27. Harry Amow

    Thanks for the info Todd! But in reality some of those traits are in each of us in varying degrees. The trick to to recognize that & to take positive steps to rid yourself of traces of that trait. But while dealing with it to be careful not to forget the other things that need your attention.

    1. Jan Faria

      Congratulations Harry Amow, I loved your answer, I see your personal integrity is very good, you are the only one that I read who had the courage to admit that WE all have some of those traits in varying degrees. God Bless you a bunch life after life !!!

  28. James Wehner

    Good piece of reading here Todd. I have to admit that I have probably been 2 or 3 of those above. The thing to understand is if you are stuck as one above you are doomed in this industry. However if you continue to grow your knowledge and have good leadership around you the evolution process can be one filled with break throughs….and be very enjoyable. I dedicate to taking steps in the right direction everyday…some big, some small.

    Thanks for your leadership Todd!

    Pursuing happiness,

    James Wehner Jr

  29. GetEPXBody


    Amazing read. Hoping you can add the “wanna be” owner that is full of BS and crashes the company because they are a massive liar. Maybe you can call them “TLC.”

  30. Ben Trayweek

    You forgot about SWITCH IT UP SARAH who gets into network marketing and is probably more excited than most. She definantly wants to build a business and she has dreams, so she signs up. As soon as she goes out and talks to her 10 best freinds they talk her the complete other way and switch her mind from go to no. She switches from I can do this to I'm done. She goes back to her regular job and never chases those dreams. Love the post Todd Dead on.

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