The Hardest Thing You’ll Ever Do in MLM

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I've invested my life in this business. 

For the past 23 years, I've been digging in the trenches and building just like you.  If you're reading my stuff, you are most likely a network marketer.  That's what I am.  It's what I do. 

There's a struggle going on…and it will last your entire lifetime.  It IS your biggest challenge. 

The challenge isn't where you're going to buy your next lead or how you will find your next prospect, nor is it how good you give your presentation.  The challenge isn't whether your sponsor is there to support you or if your “system” is good enough to convince your person to buy or to join. 

Your greatest challenge is BALANCE. 

To GROW a large organization, the biggest challenge is balance.

How do you balance your time, your talent and your energies between the two most important activities that generate significant and lasting volume? 

The Extremely Delicate Balance Between Prospecting and Team Building

As you start to grow your business, you spend most, if not all of your time in prospecting and recruiting mode.  You're out doing everything you can to find people, engage them, show them what you've got, and get them to see.  You're out recruiting and selling.  You're alone, until you've sponsored one.   

Now what? 

Do you go right back to recruiting and selling?  Or…

This is the hard part.  Yes, and let the balancing begin.  

The thing is, you can just recruit one person and be done.  Virtually every comp plan, in fact all those that I know of require you to sponsor several people to rise in rank.  It's how it is.  You've got to continue to recruit, and you want to, especially if you're looking to create a full-time check in this profession.  You never stop. 

The problem lies in the balance between team building and continuing to find new reps. 

All Recruiting and No Team Building is Problematic

If all you do is recruit and sell, “hoping” someone will stick, it is a recipe for failure.  You can't just build a business hoping someone will activate.  You've go to work with your people.  When I hear people say that they recruited 200 people in a single month, I feel sorry for 199 of their people, because they certainly won't get the attention that they deserve.  And, the organization…the seed that was planted will never be given enough nutrition to grow.  Be very careful with how much time you spend on recruiting.  Yes…you must spend time on it, and you'll likely never stop.  But, to forget about the importance of building new members and depth in those new groups is a recipe for failure. 

All Team Building and No Recruiting is Disastrous

I know many people who got so stuck in management mode, overseeing their organizations that by the time they discovered their group was slipping, it had already imploded significantly.  No matter how big your group gets, they are watching your every move.  They'll do exactly what they see you doing.  If you're doing nothing, they'll do nothing.  Troubling, isn't it?

The key to this business and the greatest challenge you will every face is BALANCE. 

  • Who do you spend your time with?
  • How much time do you invest in new members or existing members?
  • How often should you be contacting your leaders?
  • When do you go back to recruiting front line? 
  • How do you know who to work with on your team and in depth? 

Building a big group requires you to be present.  You've got to be watching over your organization and seeing what is happening.  Absentee management leads to failure.  Communication with your group is critical.  Regular communication is very, VERY important. 

As you grow your business and find new people, you work with those who are showing through their actions that they want it.  Just because someone signs up and “says” they want to do something isn't enough.  Nor is you signing them up and hoping.  They show up, you show up. 

You begin to work with those that through their very basic and obvious actions SHOW YOU they want it, and you SHOW THEM how to do it, and you HELP them.  Those that don't want to play will go away. 

At the same time, you've got to be LEADING by example.  In many ways, you've got to be leading by example.  One way for sure, is to get yourself back into prospecting and recruiting mode…while now at the same time supporting the existing organization, as large or small as it may be. 

Work with people who deserve your time, whether they are front line to you or anywhere in your organization.  Don't ignore a builder on your 4th level because they aren't sponsored by you.  That person could be the anchor in your group that drives the volume in that leg.  Look for builders wherever they are.  Attach yourself to them and work with them. 

Find another one, but don't you dare forget about the others.  Even if someone has been in your group for YEARS, you still maintain regular contact with them.  The moment you fade away is the moment trouble comes.  I'm telling you this from very personal experience that building a large group requires your attention. 

Watch your team.  Work with them.  Sponsor others.  Build them.  Keep your eye on the team and don't you ever take your attention off of your flock. 

I'm not saying that because someone will steal them (although that does happen).  Things change.  People change. 

You're building a team…and your job as the team leader is to do just that:  LEAD. 

Financial freedom comes with a price.  Responsibility. 

It is your responsibility to bring people in, build them up, and continue to support them throughout their entire journey. 

Enjoy it.  It's worth it. 

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