7 Ways to Grow an International Network Marketing Team

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If you're wondering how to grow an international network marketing team, you're not alone!  Having the ability to build your business in other countries is a powerful benefit to many network marketing companies that choose to open in other markets outside of their own.

Being given  the opportunity to grow and develop teams in other parts of the world can both exciting and daunting at the same time.   Exciting, because of the amazing upside potential…and the opportunity to meet and develop leaders in far reaches of the world.  Daunting…because when most people look at the idea of building abroad, it can seem overwhelming and confusing.

One BIG GIGANTIC thing to consider before deciding to build across country lines lines is the commitment you have to put forth in communicating with a group in a far off land.  If you're in the United States and building a team in Europe for example…you need to be aware of time differences, cultural differences, language barriers…and you must have a deep commitment to seeing it through.  It IS more work building long distance than in your backyard.

How to Grow and International Network Marketing Team

#1:  It Starts with your Personal Contacts.  The first place to start is with your personal contacts.  It's the fastest and easiest way to grow an international network marketing team.  It's square one and should be your starting point.  If you already have a relationship with someone in another country…it's going to be the quickest way to start making things happen.

Even IF that person that you know in that new country you are expanding into isn't personally interested, they may know someone who is.   So…don't ever feel shy about asking them, “Who do THEY know?”

Questions to ask yourself right now…

Who do you know in this new market? 
Who do you know who has friends or relatives in that market?   

I'd suggest asking around your circle of friends who are in your business…and those who aren't as well.  If you can't think of anyone in this new market that you personally know, you're going to have to go one level deeper.

Who do you know that knows someone in that market?

Start asking around.  It's as simple as..
Do you know anyone who lives in (fill in the blank with your Country of choice)?  

#2:  Develop International Contacts from within your Existing Team.   

The second place I'd suggest going beyond your warm market of people who may know someone in other markets is talking to people on your team who may know someone in that new market you are expanding into.

Host a team call, webinar or meeting with the sole purpose of identifying who knows people in this new market your company is expanding into currently.  Start digging in and working with existing team members and begin helping them make contact with people in this new international market you're about to grow a team in.

Both of these initial two strategies are really arm's reach types of transactions.  Someone already has a direct connection to someone else in this new market you're looking to grow in.

#3:  Use your Social Media Outlets to Grow an International Network Marketing Team.

Taking to your Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn is another way to start growing in these new markets.

First thing I might do is post on my Social Media requesting if anyone knows someone in this new market.  For example, I may post something like:

“Hey Facebook Friends!!!  I have a humble request…
My company is expanding into NEW COUNTRY and I'm
looking to make some connections there.  If you know
any business-minded people in NEW COUNTRY, please
reach out to me.”

There's no guarantee you're going to get anything by putting up a post like that.  But…if you never ask, you never get.  Pretty much anytime I need anything…I simply go to my Facebook wall and ask for it.  You'd be amazed at what a great resource your own Facebook wall can be.

I'd go as far as to do the same type of requests in different groups that I'm in if the rules allow it.  You never get anything until you ask.  If you're in a Facebook Group about “Stay at Home Single Moms”, doing a post requesting the same thing wouldn't necessarily be a bad idea.  You're not pitching any deal here…you are simply seeing if you can drum up some contacts in markets where you don't have any personal connections.

#4:  Expand your Social Media Interests to Include International Groups. 

If my company was growing in a new country and I wanted to grow an international network marketing team there…I'd start searching for Groups on Facebook IN that country.

Here are a few examples…and don't limit yourself to this list, because there are literally groups for every possible category you can imagine.

Mexico Real Estate
Korea Business Professionals
Canada Entrepreneurs
Brazil Fitness
Australia Stay at Home Moms

The idea here is using the keyword of the COUNTRY you are expanding into and combining it with a specific INTEREST.

Start becoming active in some different groups that are associate with specific countries and interests and see what you can drum up.

#5:  Find an Anchor in that Country and Drive Depth from There.  

My good friend who is the top earner in two different countries did a combination of this strategy and point #6, coming up next.

If you identify and sponsor even ONE good person, that individual can become the anchor for you for lots of other future business.  You first have to FIND that anchor.   Here's what my friend Jost did.

He sponsored a woman in a country their company had just opened up in.  She began building, but never fully committed.  However…SHE sponsored someone who was super excited and committed.  So, Jost began working with her (this second level distributor) until he realized she was making a major commitment to the company.  Her actions spoke larger than her words.  So…he did point #6.

#6:  Temporarily Move to that New Country.  

Uprooting to a new country, even temporarily…isn't for everyone.  It's expensive, time consuming and requires a complete and total commitment.  People with young kids and other responsibilities may find this particular strategy a bit of a stretch.

My buddy Jost moved to this new country to work with his anchor.  He spent six months living there and working every single day with her.  He made a massive commitment based on the commitment SHE was showing.  He grew a massive team there by identifying an anchor, moving there, and working every single day with that person.

What if you don't have an anchor?  Well…if you're a free spirit and nothing is holding you back, AND you can afford it, you can still go there.

Again…this strategy isn't for everyone.  But…for the willing and the ready, it can be exciting and profitable.

Pretty simple.  You move there.  You go there specifically to grow your business and make contacts with people.  You have quite literally moved to this new country to grow an international network marketing team.

Fun, scary, new, profitable…and lots of unknowns in this particular method.  But…can be highly effective.

#7:  Run Targeted Advertising Campaigns.  

The last thing I'll comment on is marketing and advertising.  IF you have the skills, the resources and the know-how, you could very easily set up an ad campaign on Facebook or Google that specifically targets people in that international market you're looking to grow your business in.

I wouldn't suggest this route unless your highly knowledgeable on running targeted ad campaigns and lead generation because it can get very, very expensive…FAST.

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