How to Support a Global Network Marketing Team

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I've spent most of my network marketing career building long distance.  In other words…a MAJORITY of my business building and team activity was outside of my local market area.  While I certainly grew teams in my local market…MOST of it was not local.  So…I know a bit about supporting people from afar.

This post on supporting a long-distance or global team is a follow to one I did the other day that you might want ot check out FIRST, if you haven't already:

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Supporting a global network marketing team is very close to how you'd provide support to someone in another state.  You use the tools that help you communicate.  It's that simple.  And…supporting really comes down to one thing:  communication.  All you do is use whatever technology or tools are at your disposal that enable you to communicate remotely.

The Phone
Private or Secret Facebook Groups
A Team Training and Support Website
Conference Calling
What's App

….oh, and there are many others.

Just because a person isn't in your backyard or standing right in front of you, it doesn't mean that they get less value or that you you can't support them as effectively as if they were near you.  We live in a world full of innovations that are very easy to use and enable us to communicate with people all over the world.

They simple key in supporting a long distance team is to provide that support through a channel that is easy for them to consume.  All of the above are options…and there are very likely several that I missed.

But…don't think for a second that you can't build a global team and be able to support them because you live thousands of miles away.  A Zoom meeting puts people in your office.  A private Facebook Group connects people as if they were in the same neighborhood.  A Training Site gives people that same tools to work with in every country.

It's very simple.  In order to support a global network marketing team, you simply set up channels of communication and make it easy for those team members to plug in and get what they need to succeed.

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