A Bear Market in Network Marketing?

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What do most people do?  Walk outside your door at 7:30am and look.  Most people go to work every day.  They work Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm, and get weekends off.

That's what the masses do.  And…there's nothing wrong with that.

I was told a very long time ago that if I wanted to become successful, I should “look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite.”

In other words, DON'T do what the masses are doing.

I took that to heart in my business life…like most of you reading this have, and did something that was a bit outside of the norm, a little out of the box.  You're an entrepreneur.  You're doing something different than most people are doing.

Most people who plug into my site are involved in network marketing or direct sales.

I have quite a few people in traditional business and sales that have been plugging into me as well, but he majority are still at-home entrepreneurs looking for answers.

This morning was interesting…and I talk about it a bit more in the video above.

What happens during a Bear Market?

If we are talking about a Bear Market in Stock language, it isn't good…depending on who you are and how experienced you may be.  When a market sharply turns downward, the MASSES, the great MAJORITY typically operate as a whole.

In other words, most of the majority react in the same way.  A market turns down, they sell.

What do many savvy, experienced investors do?  They buy.

They do the OPPOSITE of what the majority is doing.  When everyone is selling, they are buying.  When everyone else is buying, they are taking profits and selling.

Same in the housing market…and same in the network marketing space.

A Bear Market in Network Marketing?

I mean…what if something were to go sideways our sour in your business?  A leader leaves.  A group goes to another company.  A lawsuit happens.  A bad article or news program on your company, product or owner.  A massive product recall.  It could come in any number of forms.

But..when it does, how do you react?

Do you panic and leave?  Do you begin to question the potential of the company and begin to look elsewhere?

Watch my video above and give me some feedback.  From my experience, people that are savvy and in the know tend to operate very differently from those that are new and inexperienced.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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