MLM Tips: Don’t be a Dirty Recruiter

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MLM Tips:  Don't be a Dirty Recruiter

I can't give you a more simple one than this.  It makes the profession look bad.

On my recent tour to Australia, I met a very frustrated and not so happy network marketing rep who shared something with me that I personally found rather disturbing.

As network marketers, we should be doing everything we possibly can to uplift the level of professionalism and image that our profession has in the eyes of those not yet involved.

For me personally, I want to see this profession rise to a level where when people hear the words “network marketing”, they WANT to know more and WANT to be in…not run in the other direction.

I'm actually shocked that people are being taught what I share in this video.  I takes us back to the dark ages.  Let's STOP this crap from happening.  I'll do my part.  Please…do yours.

This dirty recruiting stuff has to stop.  Specifically targeting and methodically attacking other companies is weak.

And even worse…when a novice who has no clue what they are doing does it, it looks even uglier.  I fully realize that there are professional network marketers who have no problem having conversations with other high level people they bump into, but the whole idea of searching, finding and attacking other companies as a “taught methodology” to the masses, is a losing proposition.

It's ugly.

Let's stop it.

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