A Big Reason Why People Fail in Network Marketing

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Why People Fail in Network Marketing & How to Fix it

If you're a network marketer, you better be very interested in the subject of WHY PEOPLE FAIL.  If you're not, you are missing the boat big time.  Better start working on understanding human behavior and working with people to alleviate their issues…because LOTS of people have them.

I said at the beginning of the year that I was DONE holding back.  There are so many times I feel like saying something, but instead I keep my mouth shut to be moderately politically correct or to not piss off some small group of people.

I'm over it.  No…that doesn't mean I'm going to freak and become some political, offensive, brash, harsh loud mouth, but I am going to even more clearly be the TELL IT LIKE IT IS guy I've always been, just with a little less filter.

Clark didn't give a damn, did he?

The moment you stop caring so much about what others think of you is when you'll have one of your biggest breakthroughs.

The Problem:  You DO Give a Damn.  In fact, you care so much that it's causing you to not do what you actually set out to do.

And…the subject of this post is along the lines of removing your “give a damn” filter.    That famous quote from the classic movie “Gone with the Wind” is PERFECT for this discussion.

That's the problem right there in fact.  That's a huge reason why people fail in network marketing.

People care too much about what others think about them. 

As an entrepreneur and someone who helps TEACH OTHERS how to be successful at working for themselves and all that goes along with it, we have to become better at understanding people and WHY they do the crazy things they do.

To help someone succeed, you must understand what causes them to fail.  And…while there are many failure points, this particular one stands out for me as extremely high and super prevalent among far too many people.

LOTS of people are affected by it.  Perhaps you are.
To some extent, even I have been subject to this fixable situation.

People FAIL, they paralyze themselves and they ultimately don't end up living the life they could be living because they're too wrapped up in seeking approval from other people.

We all want to be ACCEPTED.  I get that.
No one wants to be considered an OUTCAST, right?
We all want to “belong”.

If you're ever going to be a successful entrepreneur, in or OUT of network marketing, you have to come to the realization that being “accepted” isn't the thing you're looking for.  We don't do something on our own so we can “belong”…we do it for the freedom it provides.

Your PURPOSE as a self-employed entrepreneur:  To Grow your Business

It's not to seek acceptance from others.

You're in for a big surprise if the primary motivation for doing a business of your own is acceptance.  You're going to be faced with negativity, jealousy, misunderstanding, anger, stupidity, skepticism, and all sorts of other negative situations on journey to the top.

Being in business FOR yourself requires you being TOUGH.  You have to be MENTALLY calloused in order for you to win here.

Here's what I see happen every single day in network marketing…and I've seen this a TON in traditional selling as well.  And yes…this is a big reason why people fail in network marketing.

  • They don't prospect because they are afraid of how people will respond to them.
  • They don't call their warm market because they're so concerned about how they'll be perceived.
  • They don't follow up on those they initiated with because they don't want to face someone saying NO to them.
  • They never take any action at all and blame others because they can't get past their inadequate feelings. 
  • They don't move with specific intent because they don't feel they're worthy of receiving great things in their lives. 

Who cares whether they say like what you are doing or not?
Who cares whether or not they are judging you?
Who cares if they say NO?

Until you move in this direction of not caring so much, you'll always be faced with situations where you either don't act at all you're constantly starting and stopping, starting and stopping…which simply ain't good for business my friend.

The Solution:  Letting Go of the Need to Be Accepted

If you suffer from this at all, your solution is in moving away from having to be accepted, and just DO YOU.  Do your thing.  Live your life.

The moment that you stop giving a damn about what another human being thinks about you or what you are doing in your life is the moment you'll have one of the biggest shifts of your life.

My friend isn't paying my rent.
My prospect isn't living my life.
Why let others dictate a life that only you are living?

I live my life for me…and not for the sake of hoping that people will like what I do and give me a pat on the back because they “approve of me”.  That's not greatness.

“A tiger doesn't lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.”

In fact…if you look more deeply into it, you're doing everyone a disservice by pausing because of your unnecessary and self-serving need for approval.  Even those that you're worried so much about and allowing to control you, are ultimately affected by you.

Those who you're allowing to make you stop aren't living the live they could because of you choosing to allow them to have control over you.

That's a little heavy right there.  Here's what I mean by that statement above, so you allow it to sink in.

You could be an inspiration to them.
You could be a person that causes them to grow and live their life more fully.
You could be an example to them.

But…because you allowed you're own personal need for approval to dictate your decisions and actions, both parties are now living a life less lived.

Don't be afraid.  Life's too short to live in fear.  This is what being a Fearless Networker is all about.

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