Why People Fail: Weak, Pathetic and Lazy

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Why People Fail

I'm sure some people are going to love me for this one.  People fail for lots of reasons, but certainly many absolutely fail because they are simply being weak, pathetic and lazy in their lives.

A common cause for failure is flat out laziness.  People would rather sit on the couch eating a donut than push themselves to do something big.  If it's easy, they do it.  If it's hard, they skip it.

Weak, pathetic, and lazy people don't grow for one very simple reason:
They are allowing themselves to continue to make excuses and stay weak, pathetic and lazy.

That's the kind of crap mentality that will put you in the poorhouse lickety-split.

Want to have your BEST YEAR EVER?

Then, you first need to understand that a significant reason why people fail is that they are simply being:

  1. Weak:  In other words, they just barely do enough to get by and don't really do far more than what is required or asked of them in whatever they do.
  2. Pathetic:  They like to play the victim role, “Oh…whoa is me.  My life is garbage.  Look at all the list of things that have happened to me, and how bad my world is…”
  3. Lazy:  They need to get up off their ass and do something about their own situation, because their ain't anyone else on the planet that's going to do it for them.  The most important thing in your life should be YOU.  Start acting that way.

Don't get mad at me.  I've done it.  I have a dent in my sofa.  Been there, ate the chips.  I've been weak, pathetic and lazy myself.

I know.  Lived it.  It's not until you realize where you are and how you are acting that you wake up and go,

Man, this way of being isn't taking me where I want to go.
It's time for me to make some serious changes.”

Your key to growth is pushing yourself.  Here's something you need to do this year.

  • Stop Being So Easy on Yourself
  • Don't Allow yourself to Be Weak and Pathetic
  • Fight the Urge to Take the Easy Way
  • Consciously Tell yourself to Kick Some Butt
  • Put your Mind and your Muscle Behind Everything you Do

You've got to begin pushing yourself harder if you're going to grow this year.  Human beings always take the path of least resistance.  If it's easier, we do it that way.  Why do something hard, when you can take the easy route?  I fully understand the psychology behind it…but in business, it doesn't lead to growth.  Personal and professional growth…any growth requires you to STRETCH.

This is likely one of the most important parts of the puzzle for you this year.  You have got to STOP being LAZY and START making yourself go past your current limitations.  You will be in the same exact place next year…in fact, I take that back.  You will be FAR WORSE OFF next year if you stay lazy with your growth habits.

I hope that pisses you off a bit.  I'm mad at myself.  I was soft last year.  Lazy ass Todd is kicking major butt this year…and I already know it's going to hurt a bit.  The PAIN of growing is not nearly as bad as the excruciating pain that sitting on the sofa, or “virtually” sitting on the sofa does to your life and your psyche.

This goes for all areas of your life.

My Mantra this Year…

I'm committed to never be lazy with how I communicate with my children. 
My workouts will eclipse anything I've done in the past. 
My eating habits will be mean, lean and clean. 
My events and seminars will be bigger, badder and better than ever. 
When I'm tired, I'll continue, no matter how I feel.  
When I don't feel like it, I'm going to do even more.

That's me.

How are YOU going to stretch and push yourself?

Remember this and make sure it sticks like glue in your mind.

Growth and development ONLY occur when you consistently
force yourself past what is easy or comfortable for you.

What are you going to do today that is different than what you did yesterday to SNAP you out of some old habits?

When it comes to your business, here's some ideas:

  • When you're done calling for the day, make another 10 calls.
  • When you are tired of reading your book and falling asleep, get off your butt and go run around the block to wake yourself up enough to finish the Chapter.
  • When you DO read the book or training, don't you dare give yourself any kind of reward until you IMPLEMENT something from it.
  • When you are “wanting” to talk to that prospect at the party, stop being such a wimp and go say HELLO.  Removing the victim, I'm too scared to move garbage has to go.  You have no time for it.

Bottom line for you.  If everything you are doing is easy to you, then you aren't pushing hard enough.

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