A Lawyer’s Case for Network Marketing

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I was privileged to open up my mail a couple weeks ago to find a signed copy of Pamela Barnum's new book, A Lawyer's Case for Network Marketing in my mailbox.

I get sent books ALL the time from burgeoning authors and entrepreneurs.  Some are good.  Some aren't.  It's how book writing goes.

After the Holidays, I finally opened up A Lawyer's Case for Network Marketing and started to read it.  I do most of my reading at night, right before going to bed.  And…a telltale sign for me of a book's quality is it's ability to keep me awake and reading.

I devoured her book in one sitting…or laying in my case.  A Lawyer's Case for Network Marketing is extremely well-written, layered with funny, shocking and downright crazy stories from her former life as a Federal Prosecutor and undercover drug cop.

The perspective Pamela provides in A Lawyer's Case for Network Marketing is really cool.  She comes from a legal background for her entire professional career.  So…to see someone come out of law and into network marketing and hear her story, her struggles and how she went about making big things happen is pretty enlightening.

I don't regularly do book reviews, but when I read a good one…I have to talk about it.

I'm no professional book rater.  I'm not a Siskel and Ebert.  I'm just a guy who's been in network marketing for a very long, LONG time.  I give it 5 stars!   I guess that's what the critics do.

All joking aside.  GREAT book.  Easy to read.  Exceptional lessons.

Pick yourself up a copy of Pam's book and add it to your library.

You can get the book here:
A Lawyer's Case for Network Marketing

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