One Way to Recruit Realtors into your Network Marketing Business

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One way to recruit realtors into your network marketing business is to start looking for them!!  As ridiculous or as simple as that may sound…it's where you start.

You can't recruit realtors into your network marketing business if you're not looking for them.  So…square one is keep your eyes peeled.  As you are living your life…just as I demonstrate in the video above, LOOK for them.  Keep a legal pad and pen in your car at all times.  When you SEE one, pull over and write down their name and number.

The easiest thing you can do to begin to recruit realtors into your network marketing business… starting today is simply to be aware of real estate activity in your backyard, and instead of driving by and doing nothing…take a different action.  Make a call and ask a pique interest question.

STOP skipping by opportunities that are you in your backyard and literally under your nose!   You can recruit realtors into your network marketing business simply by being attentive.  It's where you begin!

The key in getting good at this is starting with the concept of thinking to yourself, “Is that an opportunity?  Could there be a potentially opportunity that I uncover by calling this realtor?”  

You never know anything until you ask.
Someone asked you to get into network marketing, didn't they?

Whose to say that the realtor who is listing a house down the street from where you live is or isn't open to an opportunity…until you ask???

The simple…very simple question I shared with you in the video is this,

“Do you at all keep your options open in terms of making any money outside of what you're doing in the __________ profession?”

That's the question.  It works.  Don't change it.  Don't deviate.  Don't question it.  It took me six years to get to THAT exact question.

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