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This past week I did another LIVE DIALING SESSION where I conducted live prospecting calls in front of an audience of several hundred people.  Always a fun time doing calls in front of a live audience…you never know what's going to happen!!

A Super Powerful Way of Learning:  Watching

Watching or listening to someone in ACTION is one of the best ways of learning pretty much anything! You get to SEE and HEAR exactly how they do it in REAL TIME…which can dramatically shorten your learning curve.

Think about that for a moment.  What if you spend time demonstrating in front of your new reps HOW to make calls, give presentations or do meetings?  Would they pick up on it faster?  For sure!

If you haven't been on any of my Monday Night Calls, I do an live training call every Monday Night at 5pm Pacific Time that is open to the entire network marketing profession…and it's been going on now for over 15 years!!  Every week we do something a little different.

If you'd like to join us on a Monday Night, here's where you can access those calls.

During the call, I was using The Fearless Networker System to stay on top of my follow ups, be able to take notes on my prospects…and speed up how quickly I'm able to get information out to them.

If you haven't taken The Fearless Networker System for our Free Trial, I'd encourage you to do so, immediately.

Why you Want to Use The Fearless Networker System Today:

  • Your prospects will never again slip through the cracks.
  • You'll never forget to call your prospect back. 
  • You'll have notes on every conversation you've ever had and know exactly what you talked about because the notes are right in front of you.  
  • You'll know exactly what emails or text messages they've read, which videos they've watched and how far along they are in the process.  

For Example, when using The Fearless Networker System:

#1:  The Prospect's Voice Mail is Full and you Can't Leave a Message.  If I call a prospect and the voice mail is full, I can't leave them a message.  I couldn't leave any impression.  Instead of hanging up and not even being able to leave them a voice mail, with our One -Touch emails, the get a message from me saying, “Hey…I just tried calling you, but couldn't leave you a message.  When's a good time to connect?”  They're already pre-written and ready for you to use…or feel free to write your own and have it sent…with ONE click.  When they OPEN the email, the system notifies you.  How cool is that??!!  You'll KNOW when or if they opened your email and read it!

#2  You Leave a Message and Want to Make Sure you Get a Call Back.  If I call a prospect and DO leave them a message, I back it up with a One-Touch Email that says essentially, “Hey John…I just left you a message.  Let me know when is a good time for us to connect.”

#3:  You Reach the Prospect and Want to Make Sure you Remember Everything you Discussed.  If I TALK to a prospect, I can keep notes on everything we discussed…and they're in the System permanently.  I literally will have a record in chronological order of every conversation, meeting, email, text message…every form of communication I've had with them.

#4:  You'll Know When They've Reviewed your Information and How Hot or Cold the are.   It's nice to know that WHEN you send information out to someone that they actually GOT IT…and they opened up what you sent them.  When you send an email or text through The Fearless Networker System, it notifies you that they opened your email or read your text message.  You'll ALSO KNOW if they clicked on the link you might have sent them…AND how much of the presentation they actually watched or reviewed.

Imagine how powerful your recruiting becomes when you know EXACTLY what they watched, when they watched it…and how much of the presentation they actually viewed!!  No more calling people back and wondering if they got your information!  In the past…I've had prospects lie to me and tell me that watched my video, when they didn't even open the email!  The Fearless Networker System puts YOU in control.

#5:  Push Notifications are Sent to The Fearless Networker System Mobile App!  Every time a person opens up an email, text message, or views your presentation, you'll know the very second they do it.  How powerful is it when you call a prospect the SECOND they got done watching your presentation!

This is the ultimate power.  You direct someone to a 10-minute video for example.  Do you know they watched it?  Did they watch 30-seconds or all 10-minutes?  When you're using this system, you'll know!

When you use The Fearless Networker System, you will know exactly what they did and when they did it.

You get a push notification while running an errand and it tells you John Smith just got done watching your video.  You can call them THE MOMENT THEY WATCHED IT….literally the SECOND they got done, you get a notification!

It does a LOT more than that.  But…one thing for sure is this.   It puts the control right at your fingertips, wherever you are.

There's also…

  • Over 100 Video Tutorials teaching you every aspect of how to build a network marketing business that I personally produced for you.
  • Access to every one of my Monday Night Calls we've ever recorded.
  • Custom Lead Magnet Capture pages so you can generate your own prospects.
  • The Power Dialer Pro which enables you to make 3X more calls per hour than you could without it.

It's well worth the TEST DRIVE…and it's certainly well worth the $29.95 a month if you decide to continue using it.  We priced it that way for a reason.  Less than a buck a day is easy for even the NEWEST network marketer.

Take it for a Test Drive today.

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