Two Ways to Give Better Presentations

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Presenting is a critical skill that you MUST have in life!!

It's one of the driving forces behind all business growth…and you best be skilled at it.  Yes…you NEED to be a better presenter.  Stat!

Presenting has many desired outcomes…including training, informing, educating, entertaining, influencing, and persuading, just to name a few.

You're presenting when you are training.
You're presenting when you are educating or informing.
You're presenting when you're piquing.
And, you're presenting when you're influencing, entertaining or persuading.

Honestly…we're almost ALWAYS presenting in one form or on another, even when don't look at it like a “presentation”.

A presentation comes in many forms…one-on-one, webinar, conference call, on the platform, over the phone, in writing.  

Your ability to disseminate information in a way that moves people is something that you want to spend your life improving and working on.

A great book by Tony Jeary that you ought to pick up is called Life is a Series of Presentations.  Go get the book if it's not in your library.

We spend our life presenting…so it makes sense to spend time in our lives improving how we present.

I would argue that becoming a better presenter should be one of the most important things for you to focus on in your life.

How you present, and how effective you are at it, will no doubt make a significant impact on your overall results.

Bad presentation, poor results.
Great presentations create exceptional results.

The better the presentation, the more skillful and moving the delivery…the bigger and better the end result.

Two Ways to Be a Better Presenter

The idea of teaching being a better presenter in a blog post is a tad much, because it's a lot more than just what I am covering here.

However…these are two guaranteed ways for you to improve your presentation skills and ultimately, your overall results.

#1:  Study Other Successful Presenters.

Do yourself a huge favor and don't fall asleep at the wheel!!  Study other presenters.  Study great presentations!

Watch the good ones…like a hawk!  Watch how they do it.  Take notes.  What are they saying?  HOW are they saying it? If there's a person in your company that flat kills it with their presentations…copy them and replicate it.

If you see someone completely BLOW the energy in a room and all of a sudden people are fidgeting in their seats…do you know WHY?  If you pay attention, you will!  And…it's good to know.

I've literally seen the energy of a room plummet in a matter of seconds.  The attention…gone.  I've also seen a room weak in energy, come to LIFE with 100% of the room enthralled and engaged.

Knowing the difference will make the difference.

I always tell people in network marketing to go and find the BIGGEST PRODUCER, the person that is getting the BEST results right now and see if you can find out exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it!

You may come to find out that they are using the exact same process that you are.  OR…you may be surprised and find out that they are doing something that is completely different than what you have been doing.  It's worth investigating, don't you think???

Here's the thing…most of the time, you aren't doing the actual “business opportunity presentation”. You're presenting, yes.  But…you may not actually be presenting the opportunity to someone.  In most cases, there is a tool or tools that people are using to get such a great result.

Find out what it is!!!!!!

What tool or tools are they using that is getting them such a huge result??  ASK.

I'd literally go up to the person in my company getting the biggest result and I'd ASK THEM, “How are you presenting this business to people to get such an exceptional result?  Will you please explain to me exactly what you're showing to them and in what order??”

When you ask…you get.   Start paying attention and asking.

#2:  Put Bigger Glasses On and Pay Attention to the MACRO Picture.

Most people who walk into a room to watch a business opportunity presentation or attend a training seminar only see what's happening on stage.  They're not looking at it with a “set of glasses” that allows them to see the BIGGER PICTURE.  Start walking into rooms, meetings, etc and SEE more.

Just like a cop walks into a restaurant and sees every doorway, every window, every escape route and every person in the room and what they might be capable of…YOU becoming a better presenter requires you to LOOK at the bigger picture.

Next time you walk into a presentation, hear one, get on a webinar…or view ANY type of presentation being delivered…what's the bigger picture you see?

How is the lighting?
The temperature?
What did the person do in the opening…and why?
How are they dressed?
What tools are they using on stage (if on stage) to help them with their presentation?
How is the presentation pacing?  Is it slow and boring…or is it interesting and attention grabbing?
What do they do at the end…and why?
How many people walked to the back of the room to sign up?
How many did that last week with the other presenter?  Was it more or less?  Why?

You see…becoming a better presenter means looking at it with a different set of eyes.  You're not just there to watch the presentation.  You're there to learn how to be a better presenter, WHY certain people get such good results…and learn exactly what to AVOID doing in your future presentations.

Yes…this is the TIP of the iceberg when it comes to being a better presenter, but you're two steps further in the right direction!

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