A Visit to Networking Times Magazine

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While in LA this past week, I paid a visit to the home of Chris and Josephine Gross who are the publishers of Networking Times Magazine, which I have been a subscriber of since the very beginning.

In fact…if you didn't know this, Networking Times Magazine is the ONLY INDUSTRY SPECIFIC PUBLICATION FOR NETWORK MARKETERS!

Did you know that? Wouldn't it make sense then, that if you are a network marketer or direct sales professional, that you would be a subscriber?

If you were into getting fit, you'd subscribe to a Fitness Magazine.
If you played golf, you'd probably subscribe to a Golf Magazine.
If you fished, you'd probably subscribe to a Fishing Magazine.

If you're in network marketing, you should subscribe to Networking Times Magazine. You can do it by going to Networking Times

When you get there, click on SUBSCRIBE.

Seriously…it's less than a hundred bucks a year. BTW….I don't make a dime promoting this. I LOVE the publication and decided to pay them a visit and do a blog post on the subject while I was there.

What I'm doing here is sharing with you how vitally important it is to become a “student” of network marketing. One of the best ways to do that is READ stuff from other people in your profession. Make sense?

Hope you enjoy the video!

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