An Easy Way to Handle Objections

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Looking for an easy way to handle objections?

If you ever get stuck or tongue-tied when a prospect tosses an objection or tough question your way…not need to fret about it.  It happens to the best of us.

You're out building your business and your prospect throws out an objection like,

“I don't have the time.”
“Your product seems expensive!”
“I need to think about it.”
“How much money are YOU making?”

It can throw a wrench in your day when you're not prepared to respond to someone's objections or questions they may have about your business.  I was always looking for an easy way to handle objections…I mean, if there WAS an easy way, I sure wanted to find it.

With literally thousands of calls and meetings under my belt, I found that there was an easy way to handle objections.  And…it's simple.  Find a super successful person who has gotten that same objection over and over again, and ask them how they've dealt with it.

Here's a Few Tips on Making your Objection Handling Go More Smoothly

#1:  Never Argue or Get on the Defensive. We're not looking to pick a fight here or “defend our honor”!  Prospects have questions and concerns.  That's a GOOD thing.  I look at a question or objection as a positive…not a negative.  Relax.  Don't put your dukes up.

#2:  Stay Calm.  Take a deep breath.  No one has ALL the right answers.  You don't need to stress over it so much that it gives you hives.  Do your best to answer the question or handle their objection…and if you don't have the answer, just tell them you'll find out for them and get back to them.

#3:  Write it Down and Get with an Expert.  We get the same objections and questions pretty frequently.  If you keep getting one over and over again that gives you trouble, WRITE IT DOWN.  Then…go talk to an expert on your team and see how they would handle it.  Chances are that someone who has a bit more experience than you has heard the same objection you just heard over and over again.  See if they have the answer.  Chances are they do!!

Remember…objections are a GOOD thing!!  It means you have someone with concerns and interest in your business or product.

I wrote a book last year that covers Objection Handling in a very detailed manner.  If you'd like to get better at handling objections…you can get the book right here.

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