The More Stories you Tell, the More Product you’ll Sell

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Let me tell you something.  You WANT to sell more product.  You want a BIG RETAIL BUSINESS.

Product sales to end-users is what this business is all about.  Network Marketing is far more than recruiting.  It's a model for multiplying product distribution outlets, not product personal consumption outlets.

Recruiting is a pathway to multiplying retail selling and maximizing Customer Acquisition.

You don't want a downline of distributors buying product.  They ALL need customers. If your organization is distributor-only consumption…meaning you have lots of distributors who BUY product, but that have little or no personal customers, it's not good.  You NEED customers.

Would you rather have:
a thousand distributors buying $100 a month in product?  OR
a thousand distributors with 10 customers each, who all buy $100 a month in product?

Pretty simple what the answer is.  That's how you 10X your business.  Get yourself and your team focused on making more sales.

A Surefire Path to Bigger Sales and More Customers

There's a surefire path to bigger sales, more customers and a growing business…and it's something that's very fun to do…and everyone's doing it already every single day.

Your Trump Card in selling more product is one very simple thing:   telling more stories.

The more you tell stories, the more you're going to sell.

Stories are fascinating, entertaining and interesting.  People LOVE hearing stories.  A well-told story captures the attention of the people they're telling it to.  It's captivating

When you can turn what you do into the form of a STORY, you'll do more business, sell WAYYYYYY more product, and your business is going to grow because of it.

The STORY is what sells, without YOU having to sell.  The story does it for you.

My Friend to Me (the essence of the story):

“Oh my gosh Todd…I have to tell you about my dad.  He couldn't remember anything…my name, mom's name.  Couldn't remember where he lived.  His memory was TOAST.  I put him on two scoops of this stuff a day for the past few months and he sounds like Einstein!  His memory is sharper than I can ever remember.”

Me:  “Here's my credit card.  I want some.”

Here's another conversation I had.  

Another Buddy to Me.  “Todd…you have to hear this guy's story.”
A Very Old Man:  “I was on 14 medications, on oxygen almost all day long, couldn't walk and was in the hospital for life.  Eric got me on this and within 4 months I was off of every medication…and the doctor's sent me home.”

Me:  “Here's my credit card.  I want some.”

Both of those a true stories…and I take both of those products to this day.  I didn't ask what the ingredients were or how many milligrams of what was in them…the STORY SOLD ME.

The more stories you tell, the more product you'll sell.  The more stories you tell, the more product you'll sell.  The more stories you tell, the more product you'll sell.  

Collect stories from others.  Create more stories from customers.  Collect other stories.  Share them. Keep doing it over and over again.

Sell more product and build a faster team.
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