Another Easy Way to Get People to Buy from You…

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#1 Question from Sales People…or certainly HIGH on that list…

How Do I Get People to Buy from Me?

Kinda seems obvious, right?

If you want people to buy from you, start presenting more.
If you want people to buy from you, ask more questions.
If you want people to buy from you, work harder or longer.
The list could go on and on…

This is one of the easiest ways I've found to get people to buy from you.  Don't let the kitchen scene with food make you think it is a cooking show.  This has everything to do with your success.  Don't blow sales by not doing this.

I just came back from speaking this weekend in Toronto and realized I'm becoming more habitual about my Monday morning routine in the kitchen.  I ran upstairs and flipped on the camera, because this is a PERFECT lesson on attracting more people to you, more business to you, and simply living a far more productive life.

While I'm talking a bit about food or meal planning to have a “successful” week of eating, this is a great network marketing training tip on getting people to buy from you, that will help anyone in this business…or even in traditional sales how to make absolutely SURE your week goes well.

Why be in selling or anything commission-based if you aren't doing something specific to increase your performance?

Plan ahead for your success if you want people to buy from you…

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