This is Why People Don’t Buy from You

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Why People Don't BuyA desperate sales rep or network marketing distributor comes to me asking,
“Todd…how come more people don't buy from me?”

You ready?  This is precisely why more people don't buy from you.
I cannot get any clearer than this.

Do you ever wonder why people choose NOT to do business with you??  Any time I lost a sale, or missed one, or someone who showed interest said “no” to me…I always wanted to know WHY.

Why did they choose not to buy from me?
Why did they refuse my offer?
What was the real reason they opted not to participate?

If you're in sales, business, or entrepreneurship, you should be wondering those same things as well.  I popped out of bed this morning, ran into my backyard, and shot this clip.  This is a HUGE reason why people don't get more business…in ANY business.

When you watch the video in this post, ask yourself, “Am I making any deposits into this account?”

I cannot express to you how important this concept is in business.  You can't be simply a taker.  The key to flourishing business relationships is by making emotional deposits into those accounts.

The last thing that's going to work for you is calling the person only when you want to GET something from them. People…ALL people HATE that.  And…we see it coming a mile away.

“Hey Todd…buddy ole pal! (from a guy who hasn't called me in over a year)  Todd…I got this great deal for you.  I was thinking about you…”  BLA BLAH BLAH

Make consistent deposits and you can easily come along and make more withdrawals.  And…this is EXACTLY why more people don't buy from you.  Are you making this mistake?  If so…STOP.  STOP.

Change what you are doing NOW and do it differently.

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