Are In-Home Meetings Dead?

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Are In-Home Meetings Dead?

Interesting question.  Are In-Home Meetings Dead…or is it all just in someone's head?  Is it in your head?

Some people seem to think that in-home meetings in network marketing are a thing of the past…that they're somehow extinct, ineffective…or something to have retired to the attic.  I mean…do people actually get in their cars, drive to someone's house and actually attend an in-home meeting in today's society?


Let me get you up to speed.  I love helping people.  I get calls in my office all the time.  And…if I have the time and can help, I am happy to do so.

Had a guy reach out to me who really wants to be successful in this profession.  And…the fact that he's reaching out for answers, so it shows even more how bad he wants it.  We had a really good conversation about how what you focus on becomes a reality in your life.  You do absolutely get what you focus on.  What your mind thinks about…it does bring about.  You cannot argue that.  You'll lose.  It's a simple fact.

And…that goes way beyond the point made in the first chapter of Think and Grow Rich, where Napoleon Hill talks about “thoughts being things”.

Directly from the book…

TRULY, “thoughts are things,” and powerful things at that, when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a BURNING DESIRE for their translation into riches, or other material objects.

What your mind focuses on is what bears fruit in your life.

This business IS driven by people.  And…no.  In-Home meetings are NOT dead.  Not even close.  They are on fire here, there…and everywhere.  They're only dead if you think they're dead.

The power of thought is quite impressive when you think about it.  Yes…I intended that.  Seriously though…what you focus on is exactly what you will find surfacing everywhere in your world.

If you want to create a culture in your business…and you do, then you have to understand that creating culture, loyalty, growth and longevity doesn't happen from a tweet or a status update.

It comes by building foundational and real relationships.  And…regardless of whether your primary driving methodology is doing in-home meetings or not, you best be connecting with your people in a way that goes beyond an email or a Facebook group, or your business will be in trouble.

That's not a threat.  It's a fact.  There are some things you learn by being around for two and a half decades in this business every single day.  What you are able to witness over an extended period of time is fascinating.

The companies and the cultures that are driven by events, get togethers, and seeing people…truly connecting, are those with the greatest success, the biggest checks and the most stability around.

I want to hear from you on this one.  Please…do comment below and let me know your personal feelings on the subject of doing in-home meetings, larger events…and the importance of human connection in this profession.


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