Fearless Networker Spotlight: Hayley Hobson

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22236000033_5e1014b8bc_zHayley Hobson: 35,000 Reps and Counting!

In this Fearless Networker Spotlight, we're featuring Hayley Hobson, a fitness enthusiast, dedicated to living a healthy and centered life, and dynamic team leader.

I recently saw Hayley Hobson at The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing event in Las Vegas. Hayley rocked the stage speaking to over 3,000 women in the profession. I had the opportunity to ask about her quick rise to success in Network Marketing. Here's Hayley telling it like it is…

TFN: Hayley, you've been involved in Network Marketing for four years. What have you accomplished in that time and how has it changed your life?

HH: Yes, it's been three and a half busy years. I've enrolled over 500 people into the company and, as of last month, the size of my organization is just over 35,000. Network Marketing has changed my life in so many ways! Time flexibility, time freedom, financial freedom, rich relationships with people who feed my soul, a reason to serve others…I could keep going.

TFN: That's awesome! So on the flip side, what was one of your biggest challenges on the way to achieving success?

HH: I have a direct, in-your-face approach to communication so I needed to learn a more compassionate way of dealing with different personalities.

TFN: Personalities are a significant part of this business. Where have you found your biggest success in recruiting new people into your organization?

KNA_3567 (1)HH: It’s simple. Being your authentic self, sharing your stories, and letting people into your life.

You can’t control the decisions people make or the way they act and, honestly, it doesn’t matter. Build your business, stay focused on your goals, and enjoy working with and helping those who run towards you.

TFN: So true. When it comes to team building, what have been some of the most effective actions you’ve taken to grow your team?

HH: Meeting people where they are at yet is key. And challenging them to move past the thoughts that may no longer be serving them.

I like using zoom chats for each of my leader legs. It gives us a nice way to connect as smaller teams. I also have a “30-Day to Elite Program” (our first rank where one is earning product for free) and a “Leaders’ Circle” (an 8-week boot camp to get people to the higher leadership ranks). I also enjoy partnering with other leaders in my company so my downline has a new, fresh perspective from other successful individuals.

KNA_3592TFN: Do you have any suggestions for people to ensure that they make network marketing a lasting and successful business to pursue for a lifetime?

HH: No excuses. No negative thoughts. Do not give up because that’s the only to failure.

TFN: Hayley, what’s one solid piece of advice that you’d give someone entering this profession for the very first time?

HH: Watch your thoughts. We have such negative, but indulgent thoughts that can literally destroy us. Ask yourself, why you are having them and if you’d like to continue to believe what you’re thinking. Those thoughts create our feelings which dictate our actions and then our results. If you don’t like what you’re thinking or believing, remember you have the option to choose something different. Its up to you.

“You can’t control the decisions people make or the way they act and, honestly, it doesn’t matter. Build your business, stay focused on your goals, and enjoy working with and helping those who run towards you.” — Hayley Hobson

TFN: Thank you Hayley! I appreciate your honestly and insight. It was great seeing you in Vegas.

HH: Absolutely Todd! As always, great seeing you and looking forward to the next time.

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