Are You a Learner or Implementer in Business?

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Apply Knowledge to Expand Your Organization….

Are you a Learner or Implementer?

Apply Knowledge to Expand Your Organization

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What’s the Difference Between a Learner & Implementer?
  • How to Apply Knowledge to Expand Your Organization
  • What Does Growing a Business Involve?
  • How to be Accountable?

Let’s kick this week off with a direct question and please be honest with your response…

“Are you a Learner or Implementer?”

Be accountable to yourself and ask, “Am I a learner or an implementer, a producer or consumer?”

Some of us get caught up in the shuffle. So instead of “doing” the business, or in this example being an implementer/producer, one becomes a consummate learner/consumer. You are showing up for all the zooms, meetings, conventions, conference calls, etc. and you’re reading the books, emails, texts, etc. You are involved and consuming the information from your upline, your team, the company, etc., BUT……

What Does Growing a Business Involve?

To grow a business, you need to be out there intentionally working the business. Learning is great, but to succeed you’ve got to be implementing. ACTION is the core of success.

You can be learning with the intent of implementing, however, the application of the knowledge is what makes the difference. What you want to ask yourself is how can you further your knowledge to then apply to your business to get better results?

Are You Learning AND Implementing?

Be straightforward with yourself. Are you a learner who implements? Because, that’s where you want to be. Network Marketing is a self-motivating endeavor. No one is really going to make you accountable other than yourself. Some people come by this naturally, but for most of us it can be challenging. That’s why I created A-Team, an accountability program for entrepreneurs. This 12-week, live virtual training and coaching program provides unique instruction, support and guidance.

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