Transform Your Business with a 90-Day Run

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Transform Your Business….

Transform Your Business With a 90-Day Run!

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What’s a 90-Day Run Mean?
  • What Happens in a 90-Day Run?
  • Why 90-Days?
  • What a 90-Day Run in Network Marketing Looks Like
  •  Who Joins a 90-Day Run?

What’s a 90-Day Run Mean?

A run, sprint, blitz, drive, stretch, dash, etc. is a reserved window where you’re in a high performance mode during a specific period of time. Basically, during that duration you are deliberately focusing on creating, fostering and maintaining active growth to transform your business with a 90-day run.

“Your SINGULAR focus is driving business for 90-days straight.”

What Happens in a 90-Day Run?

In 90-days your sole purpose is focusing on new business development and growth. You are chiefly concentrating on targeted, business building activities during that extended period of time.

It’s not necessarily easy because you will be challenged by distractions. However, this is the time you are committing to intentionally propelling your growing business.

Why 90-Days?

If you want to change the dynamics and direction of your business, a 90-day run is powerful. The genius behind 90-days is that it is a long enough stretch to get you into THE groove to a creating momentum that leads to duplication and expansion. In other words…

“Transform your business with a 90-day run, a proven amount of time to make a substantial difference.”

What a 90-Day Run in Network Marketing Looks Like?

It looks different for everyone. Whether you are a part-time Network Marketer, full-time Network Marketer or anywhere in between the amount of time you dedicate to your run is unique to you.

Regardless of how much time you are allotting, a 90-day run requires an organized and efficient schedule that is prioritized on revenue-producing activities.

Who Joins a 90-Day Run?

Your 90-Day Run will be solo or includes others in your organization. For your team you can suggest, inspire, assist, and encourage their participation. Through the efforts of yourself and your team magic WILL happen.

Together you, undeniably, will create more energy, more excitement, more skills, more conversations, more presentations, more customers, more reps, more talent, and more business. Regardless when you run on your own or with others…

“While engaged on a 90-day run, AMAZING things happen.”

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