Attack their Friend’s List

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In today’s episode of Gettin’ Rich with Buzzy Boxer, you’re going learn how to make no friends at all.  All you need to do is get your friend to provide you a list of names…and then you go on the ATTACK.  

In fact…a better strategy would be to use your friend’s name to do it.  They’ll love you for it…especially when they’re not even in your business or have no interest in it.  

Simply call your friend John’s friends like this, “Hey Sally.  I know you’re a friend of John.  John told me to call you and let you know that he is doing this business and said that he wants you to join with him. Don’t call him though.  He told me to tell you to just get in now.”

I’m sure you’ll find that works like a charm.  

Why in the WORLD would you call someone’s list who isn’t even in your business?  That is a complete waste of time.  No.  Don’t EVER attack your friend’s list.  Buzzy gives piss-poor advice.  Whatever Buzzy does, do the opposite.  

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