What to Do When Your Team is Doing Nothing

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • What to Do When Your Team is Doing Nothing
  • The First Thing You Should Do When No One Is Working The Business
  • It's all Your Fault, and Here's How To Fix It

What to Do When Your Team is Doing Nothing

Funny story (although it wasn't funny at the time).

When I first started my network marketing career, I worked out of a training center. Back then I wasn't working out of my home yet.

I would spend all day and night looking for people to talk to about my business. The cool thing was people were coming into the business. The problem I was running into was that no one was working the business.

Here I was working away and these people were dropping like flies. I would get so upset that I'd go home at night crying my eyes out.

Yes, the Fearless Networker himself cries too. 

I got so frustrated with people not working the business I decided to figure this thing out.

In this weeks training I share with you exactly what I did to overcome this.

And, how you can start doing the same thing (starting today) to jump start your team.

The First Thing You Should Do When No One Is Working The Business

Go put someone new into the business right away.

You want to find someone who will work the business, because they have goals and dreams they want to make happen. We can't control the actions of other people.

Wanting our team to get to work is not enough. 

We must control our own actions.

The one thing you can control is your recruiting efforts.

The key is:

You must always be putting new people into your business. This means you're always putting in new customers and business builders.

It's all Your Fault, and Here's How To Fix It

If your team is not working the business it starts with you. Look at what you're doing with your people. What kind of sponsor have you been to them?

This is the time to get real with yourself and take responsibility for your actions.

Ask yourself this...

Did you cross your fingers and hope they would do the business? Or did you take them by the hand and personally work with them to get started?

Remember you're sponsoring them, not recruiting them.

This means working with them and helping them along the way. If you'd like to learn more about becoming a network marketing leader and growing your team. 

Checkout my Leadership Evolution training system.

In this episode #101, It's about... "What to Do When Your Team is Doing Nothing".

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Todd Falcone
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