Balancing Time Between Team Building and Prospecting

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A common question comes up when it comes to balancing time as a network marketer.

When you get a good team going, the demands on your time begin to change.  At first, you spend all of your time recruiting new reps and gathering customers.  But…the bigger your group grows, the more demands on your time to support and work with your team.

Do you spend 80% of your time on team building and 20% of your time recruiting new people?
Is it 60/40?  90/10?   What's the right answer?

The reality is that there is no exact percentage.  It's always ebbing and flowing based on what's happening right now in your network marketing business.

In this video, I go into a bit of detail on how to go about prioritizing your time between working with your existing team and continuing to prospect for new business.

One thing you DO NOT want to ever do is stop recruiting completely.  Leading by example is a priority for you, as people will continue to do the things they SEE YOU doing.

If you want your team recruiting more, they need to see you recruiting more.
If you want your team gathering lots of customers, they need to see you gathering new customers.

It's that simple.

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