Branding in Network Marketing: Brand You

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brand-youWhat the heck is “branding” anyhow?  Let's be clear.

If you're a network marketer or want to be a successful distributor in the direct selling profession, do you need to spend time actually branding yourself?  You can…but, is there something else that maybe you should focus on instead?

What about the Brand You?

Here's what branding is.  By definition.

An association of positive qualities with a widely recognized name.   Or…

A trademark or distinctive name identifying a product, service, or organization.

When it comes to branding you, obviously you want it to be positive!

But again, is it necessary as a network marketing distributor to actually invest or set aside specific time to establish your brand?

Again…you can certainly do that.

If you're objective is to build a positive brand/image for yourself in the network marketing profession, a name if you will, there is one and only ultimately powerful way to do that.

It has nothing to do with conversation.  Or words.  I put it as square as I can with you in this very short video.

This is the ultimate example of branding in network marketing.

Very important to build brand you.  Companies come and go…but you are the one thing that will remain stable in the midst of change.

Building your personal brand…branding you.  Yep…that's one thing you gotta do.

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