Facebook Power Moves that Make you Money

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The planet is on Facebook.

Heck…my mom and wife's mom are on it.  I even had to tell them both, “If you're following me, don't judge.

No hand slapping for provoking posts.”

You literally have the world as your oyster with Social Media.  But…don't be foolish like I see every single day and fry your oyster to a burnt, crispy pulp.

Let's instead get these misguided, uninformed neophytes to do things that are productive, not COUNTER productive.

You have an almost indescribable opportunity in today's market to build a massive business, and have places like Facebook and LinkedIn become the cornerstone of that activity.

The core focus points, which don't cost you a dime, are described to you in this video.

I say that because for those of you on a budget, you could very easily build a business, and many people do, without spending a penny on PPC (Pay-per-Click) ads on Facebook.

Am I saying don't advertise?  Nah.  Advertising rocks…when it's profitable.

It's what we keep that makes the difference.  You'll find more keepers when you do what I'm telling you in this video.

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We'd ALL appreciate it.

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