Can You Make Your People Move Into Action?

What You'll Discover In This Episode:

  • Can You Make Your People Move Into Action?
  • The Mindset When Working With New Team Members
  • The Process For Ensuring Your Success In This Business

Can You Make Your People Move Into Action?

Imagine this…

What if every new rep you brought into your business took action right away.

How amazing would that be?

Before you knew it, your entire team would be rocking and rolling.

Your volume would be growing, as well as your weekly and monthly checks.

Before too long, you’d be walking across the stage at your next company meeting, getting that top-level pin rank.

Your bank account would be full of cash. You’d be able to spend more time with the people you love and care about.

And you’d finally have the freedom you’ve always wanted.

Now, is this possible in network marketing?

Yes, and no.

In today’s training, I will share how to achieve everything you want in the business, regardless of the individuals who join your team and don’t do anything.

If you feel frustrated because people on your team are not working the business, this training is for you.

The Mindset When Working With New Team Members

Ok, let’s look at the nature of people.

Most people who get into network marketing will end up doing nothing with the business over time.

Like most people who get into anything for the first time, they will eventually lose interest in the “thing” and move on.

People will always do what they want to do.

We can’t make people do the business.

Nobody joined network marketing to have a boss or a job.


I’ve recruited well over 1000 people in my 30+ year career. Many of them could have done the business and had massive success, and the majority chose not to.

The good news is that it doesn’t matter for your success.


Because now that you know this about people and the business, you know what to expect.

It means not putting all your hopes and dreams about the business into one person who joins you.

The key to your success in network marketing is this...

You want to have a system for working with people on their level.

The Process For Ensuring Your Success In This Business

Here’s how I recommend you do this…

1) Have a process for bringing on new team members.

2) Discover the best way to work with them. Are they going to do the business full-time or part-time?
 Remember, work with them at their pace, not yours.
3) Stay connected and reach out to them to keep the relationship growing. You want to let them know you’re always here for them.

Now, with this process, you’re set with your team.

The ones who want to do the business will do it. The ones that don’t will not, and that’s ok.

What you want to do is never stop recruiting new people into your business.

Consistency is the real key to making your business grow.

Because by you consistently driving new reps into the business, you’ll find the few who take off and run with it.

And before you know it, you’ll find your team growing daily.

Now, if you’d like help with doing this,
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This episode, #140, it’s about “Can You Make Your People Move Into Action?.”

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Todd Falcone
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